I haven’t had a holiday in a while. Being freelance means you tend not to take a lot of time off – you’re either working, or in the times between clients, you’re looking for work and can’t really relax.

However, since I have steady work at the moment, I decided I could do with some time off, and so a little while ago I booked a week off. I’ve been meaning to blog about it for a while but I’ve only just got round to doing so.

Much as I dislike the word, I have to admit that ‘Staycation‘ does sum up rather well what I intend to be doing whilst I am off.


I’ve got a few things booked. On one of the days I am planning to have a ride in a glider, weather permitting. It’s something that I have wanted to do for a while, and I thought it would be pretty cool to do. Lasham Gliding do a Trial Lesson for £80 which lasts for 15-30 mins and I thought that would be an ideal taster. I’m really excited by this and am so looking forward to it!

Another thing that I plan to do is (hopefully) buy a new wig. I have an appointment with a local Wig Shop to try the Raquel Welch ‘Infatuation’ wig that I posted about previously. Hopefully it will look great on me and I will buy it. And if I don’t like that one, then they have plenty of others to choose from, so the plan is not to leave the shop until I have bought one! Obviously I will be posting up pictures of my new purchase(s).


I was watching Celebrity Antiques Road Trip on BBC recently, and they went into some cool-looking Antiques & Collectables shops in Southsea, and they also visited the Hovercraft Museum at Lee-on-the-Solent. I thought that looked like a fun day out, so I will be doing the same on one of the days. I might also pop into the Submarine Museum at Gosport, and perhaps visit HMS Warrior too. I haven’t totally decided on the itinerary for that day yet, but there seems to be plenty to choose from round there.

I’m also thinking of a day trip up to London on another day. I’m planning to meet up with friends for a Ladies Lunch, with maybe a visit the Victoria & Albert Museum in the morning, and maybe a wander round Camden Market in the afternoon. I haven’t really fleshed out that one yet. Still, plenty of time to decide.

Other than that, I haven’t planned a whole lot else. I’m sure that more will come to mind. I might take a trip to IKEA (I’m sure it must be less busy on a week day!), and I might visit some other museums. We shall see.