I haven’t had a holiday in a while. Being freelance means you tend not to take a lot of time off – you’re either working, or in the times between clients, you’re looking for work and can’t really relax.

However, since I have steady work at the moment, I decided I could do with some time off, and so a little while ago I booked a week off. I’ve been meaning to blog about it for a while but I’ve only just got round to doing so.

Much as I dislike the word, I have to admit that ‘Staycation‘ does sum up rather well what I intend to be doing whilst I am off.


I’ve got a few things booked. On one of the days I am planning to have a ride in a glider, weather permitting. It’s something that I have wanted to do for a while, and I thought it would be pretty cool to do. Lasham Gliding do a Trial Lesson for £80 which lasts for 15-30 mins and I thought that would be an ideal taster. I’m really excited by this and am so looking forward to it!

Another thing that I plan to do is (hopefully) buy a new wig. I have an appointment with a local Wig Shop to try the Raquel Welch ‘Infatuation’ wig that I posted about previously. Hopefully it will look great on me and I will buy it. And if I don’t like that one, then they have plenty of others to choose from, so the plan is not to leave the shop until I have bought one! Obviously I will be posting up pictures of my new purchase(s).


I was watching Celebrity Antiques Road Trip on BBC recently, and they went into some cool-looking Antiques & Collectables shops in Southsea, and they also visited the Hovercraft Museum at Lee-on-the-Solent. I thought that looked like a fun day out, so I will be doing the same on one of the days. I might also pop into the Submarine Museum at Gosport, and perhaps visit HMS Warrior too. I haven’t totally decided on the itinerary for that day yet, but there seems to be plenty to choose from round there.

I’m also thinking of a day trip up to London on another day. I’m planning to meet up with friends for a Ladies Lunch, with maybe a visit the Victoria & Albert Museum in the morning, and maybe a wander round Camden Market in the afternoon. I haven’t really fleshed out that one yet. Still, plenty of time to decide.

Other than that, I haven’t planned a whole lot else. I’m sure that more will come to mind. I might take a trip to IKEA (I’m sure it must be less busy on a week day!), and I might visit some other museums. We shall see.

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  1. My mum was, briefly, Christopher Cockerell’s secretary during the war. If you mention this, I’m sure the hover museum will let you in free and give you a trolley dash in the gift shop. Or not. Always meant to go there myself but my other half always wants to go to Gunwharf Quay Outlet Centre instead when we’re down that way. Enjoy!

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