William Moulton Marston; Wonder Man

I watched a superb documentary on Sky recently, called “Secret History of Comics: The Truth About Wonder Woman”

It was about American psychologist and writer William Moulton Marston (pen name: Charles Moulton), who invented the lie detector. But, also, a committed feminist who was married to wife Elizabeth Holloway Marston but also in a polyamorous relationship with life-partner Olive Byrne who co-habited with them.

He invented Wonder Woman, a strong female lead who was always in control (despite getting tied up rather a lot) and whose ideas of truth and female empowerment led to Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth.

He died at the age of 53 from cancer, and Elizabeth and Olive continued to live together until Olive’s death in her late 80’s.

After William’s death, Wonder Woman was emaciated and turned into a typical weak female. It wasn’t until fairly recently she regained her mojo.

The documentary features Linda Carter, Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins, and many others.

I found that the full documentary is currently being hosted by Daily Motion.


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