Bargain Hunting

On Tuesday I popped over to Epsom Downs Racecourse for an Antiques and Collectors fair.

The weather was sunny, but cold and windy, and there weren’t a lot of outside stalls. But upon getting indoors I immediately saw that the Bargain Hunt team were there.

I spotted Ochuko Ojiri sporting a red woollen cap with the Blue Team, and Caroline Hawley rocking a gamekeeper outfit with the Red Team.

Bargain Hunt
Bargain Hunt

I wandered around the fair, trying hard not to get in the way, and at one of the stalls there was a book on Lalique with a ticket price of £6 for which the seller accepted £5.

Lalique book by Eric Knowles
Lalique book by Eric Knowles

The book is by Eric Knowles and, as luck would have it, I overheard someone say that he was the host for the episode being filmed and might be around, so I resolved to look out for him to see if I could cheekily ask him to sign it.

At another stall, I noticed a Japanese Damascene bracelet. This is a style of which I already have a lot of pieces – I have two necklaces (one of which you will often see me wearing in my pics), two sets of earrings, and at least 3 bracelets.

The bracelet was extremely similar to one that I already have, and as I chatted to the two ladies selling it, I was telling them about them. We had a nice chat about the style, and the bracelet, and they could see that although I wanted it, it was so similar to one that I had that it was going to be a “heart vs head” decision. The ticket price was £22.50 and they told me they could come down to £18. I said I would leave it for now and have a little think.

At another stall was an absolutely stunning Tiffany wall light.

Tiffany wall light
Tiffany wall light

I was instantly in love, as this is totally my thing and I would look lovely in my house. I chatted with the seller and she said it had been owned from new by her grandmother and dated from the 1930’s, and that it was £275 but she’d accept £250.

Sadly that was way too rich for me, and we both commiserated on this fact and I had to reluctantly leave it. Maybe I can find a reproduction somewhere.

It seemed to be the day for expensive tastes as at another stall I found a gorgeous small bronze statue.

Bronze figure
Bronze figure

Sadly that also was too rich for me.

I continued round the fair, keeping an eye out for Eric, but not seeing him.

Eventually, I managed to talk to the BBC lady who looked like she was in charge, and enquired as to Eric’s availability and as to why I was asking, and she said that she thought that Eric would be more than happy to sign the book but that he wasn’t on site currently and wasn’t due back for at least another hour as he had gone to lunch.

This was a little disappointing, as time was moving on and I really needed to get back home to start work.

Before I left, though, I popped back to the ladies with the bracelet, and asked if they would possibly accept £15. One lady chuckled and said she thought I would come back with that figure and, since it was me and I was clearly buying it for myself, she would accept.


After this, I decided that I was done and that I couldn’t afford to hang around on the off chance of Eric being available, so I headed on home.



The episode of Bargain Hunt that was filmed this day was transmitted on 11-May-2020 and is entitled “Series 52: Epsom 12” and is available on BBC iPlayer for 30 days. It will doubtless be repeated at some stage too.

I’m caught on camera twice, and the Tiffany-style wall light that I mentioned is also featured. There is also a fleeting blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot of the bronze figure that caught my eye.


2 thoughts on “Bargain Hunting

  1. I Love the Lalique Glass, have you seen the panels in St Matthews Church on Jersey?
    Now that’s a work of art!!

  2. I love Caroline Hawley! How fortunate you were to see the BH team, but then again your are interested in antiques!

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