I thought I’d make a post about the kind of camera equipment I use to take my self portraits, since the topic came up in the comments section on one of my recent Flickr pics.

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Bargain Hunting

On Tuesday I popped over to Epsom Downs Racecourse for an Antiques and Collectors fair.

The weather was sunny, but cold and windy, and there weren’t a lot of outside stalls. But upon getting indoors I immediately saw that the Bargain Hunt team were there.

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Out and about

I’ve not been posting much lately. Not because I haven’t been doing much but because I’ve just been a little lazy with posting. No one thing has been remarkable enough to write a blog post about.

Plus, I’m not convinced anyone actually reads my blog. If anyone does, then it must be only a handful of people. Maybe blogging is a dying art these days.

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Welcome back!

A while back I migrated from to self-hosted WordPress (you can read about it here).

At the time I thought that the migration process would bring all my followers across, but it didn’t.

Well, today I found an option hidden away in the settings for JetPack that does exactly that, and I ran it. And now all my followers have been added back. Yay!

So, if you were previously a follower and haven’t heard from me in a while and now suddenly have, then that is why. 🙂


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Cookery: The Juicy Lucy

I’m not really much of a cook, and this is the first time I have blogged about cooking. But I thought I would share an experiment that I did in creating a Juicy Lucy burger.

I was watching Man vs Food recently, which I enjoy watching for the Travelog aspect and the food, although I confess that the eating contest part of it leaves me queasy. In a world where some people are starving, it feels rather distasteful (no pun intended) that Competitive Eaters force-feed themselves more food than they require. But anyway.

One of the burgers I have seen mentioned several times is the Juicy Lucy, which is a burger where it has cheese inside the beef patty, and I thought I would have a go at recreating it myself.

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But is it art?

Having recently bought yet more nice art, as mentioned in my previous post, I’ve had a bit of a spending spree on even more art today.

I only popped out to the supermarket, but I decided that whilst I was out, I’d pop into White Lion Antiques and ended up buying a number of things.

I guess this means that I only “popped out” but I ended up “out out“.

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Out and about

Work is a little slack with so many colleagues on holiday at the moment, so yesterday I decided to take the day off and go shopping.

It’s been a while since I last visited Henley-on-Thames, so that was my main destination, but as it turned out this was just one of many places that I visited.

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Thruxton again

A year ago I posted about popping over to Thruxton Race Circuit for a track day. Gold Track were back there again this year, so I popped over to see the guys and girls.

I wasn’t planning on driving on the track this time, not least because I’m still running the same tyres which are now starting to look rather worn, and also because I didn’t fancy getting up super-early.

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And then I went out…

Well, having stated in my post yesterday that I seldom go out, I decided to go out today. 🙂

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Not going out (much)

I’m not entirely sure how many people actually read my blog, or follow me. When I moved to self-hosting, very few people have re-followed me and I’m not sure if my followers from still get notifications for posts made here or not.

But, regardless of whether or not anyone reads this blog, I thought it was about time I posted an update

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