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Welcome back!

A while back I migrated from to self-hosted WordPress (you can read about it here).

At the time I thought that the migration process would bring all my followers across, but it didn’t.

Well, today I found an option hidden away in the settings for JetPack that does exactly that, and I ran it. And now all my followers have been added back. Yay!

So, if you were previously a follower and haven’t heard from me in a while and now suddenly have, then that is why. 🙂


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Welcome to the new web address!

Why have I moved my blog?

Picture: WorldArtsMe

You may have noticed that the web address of this blog has changed!

Ever since I started this blog around 6 years ago, I have used WordPress via their free hosted offering at

It’s worked well enough for me, but since then I have become quite au fait with self-hosted WordPress and the power and flexibility that it gives. I use self-hosted WordPress on several other sites that I own, and have a web hosting package that allows me to host a number of websites.

Up until now, I’ve kept the Hay Llamas blog at out of inertia, despite owning the domain name, but recently I have felt that WordPress spam you, my visitors, with way too much advertising. I don’t see a penny of that advertising either.

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