Social Media

In addition to this WordPress blog, I have various other social media accounts which you can follow me on, if you so wish.


Often I have little snippets of blogette to post and don’t feel like they really belong here on my ‘proper’ blog, so I post them to my public Facebook page instead. Sometimes these are incorporated later into a more formal blog post here, but quite often they don’t make it into one and the only way you’ll see them is on Facebook.
So, if you follow this blog and don’t want to miss out on the extras then be sure to follow my Facebook page too!

You don’t need to have a Facebook account to see my posts there, and if you are worried about privacy or back-tracing, then you can use your internet browser’s private browsing feature. All of the mainstream browsers now support private browsing (a.k.a. ‘privacy mode’ a.k.a. ‘incognito mode’).

However, if you do have a Facebook account then please ‘like’ my page – I’d really appreciate it.


Flickr is where I post all my photos, and is where I have my greatest number of followers. If you just want to follow my pictures, then this is the place to go.

There is also a live Flickr update of my latest Flickr pics down the right hand side of this blog.


I try to tweet to @HayLlamas whenever I make a blog post, or when I post to Flickr, and also repost little funnies and quips from time to time.


I’ve only recently started using Instagram so there isn’t a lot of stuff here yet.


I’ve also on tvChix, which is incidentally where the whole “Hay Llamas” thing started, but I’m not that active there.