Staycation: Update 1

As I mentioned in my last post, I took some time off for a Staycation. Well, that was this week and I am over halfway through it.

It’s been a week of ups and downs. And in one case, an “up” that didn’t happen – namely the gliding. Sunday was a beautifully sunny day with not a cloud in the sky, but unfortunately Monday was total cloud cover and they cancelled it on me. I’ve rebooked for Friday (tomorrow) but my hopes aren’t high.

Infatuation, Glazed Auburn
Infatuation, Glazed Auburn

On Tuesday I had an appointment at the Wig Shop. Quite a funny thing happened when I went there. They brought out the Raquel Welch “Infatuation” wig that I had asked for, but remarked that my existing wig didn’t seem *that* different in colour to it, and looked like it still had plenty of life left in it, so they were a little confused and thought that they might have got their wires crossed over my request. Yes, that’s right; the shorter of my two existing wigs (which was the one I was wearing) is “Infatuation” and I didn’t know. Now, on the face of it this makes me look a little silly, but in my defence I bought it from them and they are in the habit of not telling you what you are buying. In actual fact I have tried quite hard to determine what my wigs are with no success, so I think I can be allowed this. Anyway, I still can’t get over how ironic that is – a wig that I was sure that would suit me from pics I have seen on the Internet, only to find it is one that I have and love.

Still, much as I like the colour, I didn’t think it was worth buying the same wig again, especially as I have rather gone off the shorter style and think that it makes me look a little ‘mumsy’.

Show Stopper?
Show Stopper?

So, next up was a longer and much more expensive wig, again by Raquel Welch. Full monofilament cap, lace front, and heat resistant. In fact, everything that the “Show Stopper” wig was. In fact, it may even be Show Stopper – they were evasive when I asked which one it was and I never did find out.
I immediately fell in love with this wig. Also, I think that it being heat-resistant (and hence able to be styled) could be quite versatile and a lot of fun.
I tried on several different colours in this style, but this was the one that I liked the most and we both agreed suited me the best.


Next to try on was another Raquel Welch; again full monofilament cap and lace front, but not heat resistant. It had lovely curls in it and I immediately knew this was “the one”. Sometimes you just know when something is right.
This one was apparently so new in that the assistant conveniently didn’t know what it was called. So, again, I don’t know which one it is.

I also tried some others on, but none of them were ‘me’ and for many I didn’t even bother to take photos. Those that I did take photos of, I’d rather not share them as I didn’t like them.

So, it was decision time. And since this shop runs a “buy one, get the second half price” deal, and charges the full RRP for wigs otherwise, you pretty much have to buy two. If you do, then their prices work out quite well. If you don’t then they are expensive.

But it wasn’t very hard to decide – I bought the heat-resistant one and the one with the curls. Even with the discount, it was a fairly horrific amount of money – I’m not even going to tell you. But let’s just say that my geeky side was thinking just how much ‘tech you could buy for that. Still, never mind.

After I’d made the purchase, I chose to wear the heat-resistant one, and then went off to Camberley to do some shopping and also to get my favourite pair of guy mode ankle boots re-soled. For the second time. I bought them years and years ago, and they were only cheap – £25 in a Barratts sale (one of their many fire sales due to going into administration). But they are so comfy and I love them so much. The sole and heel wore out on both after a few years, so I got them re-soled and re-heeled at a cost of around £28 if I remember correctly. Those lasted a few more years and the heels are still ok, but I have worn the soles out again. Re-soling cost me £17.95 this time.

Whilst there I also managed to grab an absolute barrrrrrrrrrgain in H&M. I got an absolutely gorgeous polka dot skater dress for £5 in the sale. The euphoria of a genuine bargain slightly tempered the feeling of shock over how much the wigs cost. 🙂

Once I got home, I decided to take some photos of the new dress and new wigs. I only managed one wig though, because I was quite tired by then and felt that was enough.

That’s all for this post – I will continue in a subsequent one tomorrow.


'Polka Dotty' on Flickr
‘Polka Dotty’ on Flickr
'Curly Gurly' on Flickr
‘Curly Gurly’ on Flickr


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