Dear ‘Drunk Me’

On Saturday afternoon a parcel from Amazon arrived at the Amazon Locker at my local supermarket, so I popped down to get it and whilst I was there picked up two bottles of wine.

I was planning to go to the Take Five Fairs Big Indoor Flea & Collectors Market on Sunday morning, so when I got home I wrote myself a little note from ‘Sober Me’ to ‘Drunk Me’ and attached it to the 2nd bottle before putting it on the wine rack. The note begged ‘Drunk Me’ not to open a second bottle of wine that night because it would make me into an arse, would cause me to go to bed late, and hence wake up late, with a hangover, and that I wouldn’t be able to go to the Collectors Market. The note also told ‘Drunk Me’ that she’d be tempted to ignore the note, but that it was important that she didn’t.

Sure enough, later that evening after finishing the 1st bottle of wine, ‘Fairly Drunk Me’ went to the wine rack, got the 2nd bottle, threw the note in the bin, and opened the bottle. The rest unfolded with depressing accuracy just as the note predicted. Including falling asleep at my computer and waking in the early hours.

I got up around 10am, felt awful, lay on the sofa for most of the morning watching QI, fell asleep after a few episodes (not because of QI but because I was still dog tired), and it wasn’t really until about 2pm that I started feeling human again. Needless to say, I didn’t go to the Collectors Market.

Which just goes to show that ‘Sober Me’ was right, and ‘Drunk Me’ is a stubborn bitch who thinks she knows best, but doesn’t. *sighs*


4 thoughts on “Dear ‘Drunk Me’

  1. Love it. I swear I’m going to have “let’s just get a bottle” on my tombstone!

    I also need an alarm that prevents me ordering tequila when I clearly don’t need any more.

    Soph x

    1. We should go out together one night, and look out for each other, and tell each other not to drink too much. That would *definitely* work. I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t.

      Oh… wait.

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