A visit to the hairdresser – wig revitalisation

a.k.a. “Getting wiggy with it

Like any girl like me, I’ve got a number of wigs. Many are cheapies that I bought for photo shoots and general fun, but my four main ones are expensive ones costing several hundred pounds each. I bought them on two separate visits to Beesley Wigs in Sandhurst using their “Buy One Get One Half Price” deals as mentioned in a previous post.

My favourite one is starting to get rather tired and “wiggy”, so I decided it was time to do something about it.

Despite a valiant effort by my bestie to detangle it (she’s quite the expert due to her daughter), it really was looking like this wig was going to have to have something done to it – probably several inches lopped off as the ends had become very fluffy and frizzed. This is quite common with synthetic wigs and is caused by friction and rubbing, and is particularly common with longer wigs. I’ve worn this one in cold blustery conditions a few times, and that can’t have helped.


I had the afternoon off on Friday, so I made a call to Beesley Wigs and they were able to fit me in for an appointment.

It didn’t take me long to get ready – I can be pretty quick with basic makeup these days – and I didn’t dress up. I just went for jeans, knee boots, and a top, which is pretty much my default casual look these days.

As you can see from the pic, the wig doesn’t look too bad and there is plenty of life left in the upper part, but the ends are looking pretty frazzled. It may not look so obvious in the pic, but trust me on this. 🙂

When I arrived at the wig shop, I didn’t have long to wait and was taken through to a small salon that they have.

We agreed that the wig was salvageable but would need several inches cut off it, which was absolutely fine as I wanted the option of a slightly shorter wig anyway, but not as short as my short one.

So I was treated to the full hairdresser experience, which is not something I’m really used to, if I am honest.


We had a nice little natter as she worked, and in no time at all (only 30 mins or so, in fact), it was done. I really enjoyed it.


She took off several inches, and also advised me to soak the wig overnight in Wig Revitaliser (which I have some of already), and then spray with de-frizzer (which I also have).

I was tempted to try on some other wigs and maybe make a purchase, but really I don’t need them, and since the subject didn’t come up, I decided not to.

I did ask for a quick photo though. 🙂

I also grabbed a quick selfie on the way back to the car. I’m now convinced that my phone’s selfie camera makes me look better than the main camera does, although perhaps the lighting also helped.

Selfie cam
Selfie cam

Since I still had a lot of the afternoon left free, I decided to pop along to Marks & Spencer’s at Camberley since it was just down the road, and I fancied some new jeans.

As luck would have it, they had a big “up to 70% off” sale on and I managed to pick up a few bargains. I had to have several trips to the changing rooms though as I’m now a size 12-14 and am starting to fall between the two sizes, inasmuch as I’m a 12 or 14 depending on the garment which means I have to try it on – previously I would just grab a 14 and know it would fit. One of the pairs I got, a nice Per Una pair in black, were a solid 12, but on a tighter boot cut fit pair I rather struggled to get into the size 12, but ended up buying it anyway as I succeeded and it just looked so good on me and the price was so good. I did break a nail in the process though, which was annoying. 🙁

Denim bargains
Denim bargains

I didn’t make any more purchases, as there wasn’t anything else that caught my eye within my budget. So I paid and left, calling into Aldi on the way home (and running the gauntlet of the “Aisle of Wonder”).

When I got home, I took the advice to soak the wig in a solution of Wig Revitaliser overnight and the next day treated it with de-frizzer and let it dry. It has made a definite improvement, so much so that I am now doing the same to some of my other wigs.

But more on that another time.

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