Laser update: bikini line

In a previous post I mentioned the new course of laser hair removal that I am doing. It’s going very well, and it’s time to give you an update.

I’ve had one more session on the face since then, but this post is an update on how successful the sessions on the tummy and bikini line have been.


I was lying on my bed recently, and examining myself, and was so pleased with the results. Pretty much no regrowth on my bikini line or tummy. And as I lay there, in just my knickers, I thought to myself “blimey, what with the weightloss and the hair removal, I’m pretty happy with my body right now”

Cute though those knickers are, they’re just everyday ones and my bikini line is a lot lower than that, so I went to the knickers drawer to look for a thong. I found a wet look vinyl one that came with an outfit.

But even that thong wasn’t going right down to my bikini line – we zapped it really rather low as you may recall in my previous post on the subject. So I went looking for an even skimpier one, and found a red semi-sheer one that had come with some lingerie.

Even that didn’t go all the way down but I have nothing skimpier.

I know that from comments on Flickr and email that people would like to see even more, but that’s your lot – I’m not that kind of girl! Besides, nobody wants to see pubes. 🙂

All of the pics are unedited, apart from whatever beautification my camera phone is doing automatically – I didn’t do any post-production on them. That’s just me – weird belly button, moles, and all.


Well, I’m just a girl who can’t say no, so I went looking for an even skimpier thong, but couldn’t find one that I liked. But whilst trying one on, I noticed there were a few rogue hairs down near the bikini line so I tidied them up with a razor. And then I ended up getting a little carried away and pretty much shaved it all off. Oops. So here is a bonus pic, even though it’s no longer in the spirit of this post! And, no, I am not going to take my hand away. 😉

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