New wig?

Show Stopper by Raquel Welch
Show Stopper by Raquel Welch

I’ve been looking for a new wig for a while. Of the two I currently have, one is by Ellen Wille and has a monofilament parting, and the other is by Raquel Welch and has a full monofilament crown. What is the difference? With a mono parting the style is pretty much fixed, but with a mono crown you can part the hair anywhere you want on that area which gives you more flexibility in styling it.

So I decided that my next wig must be a full monofilament crown with lace front, and should be longer than my current two.

After much searching, I think that the Show Stopper wig by Raquel Welch could be the one I want. It has the full monofilament crown with lace front that I want, has a memory cap base just like my existing Raquel Welch wig, and also has Tru2life fibre which means that it is heat resistant and can be heat styled. This is a step up from my current wigs which are extremely intolerant to heat – the care instructions say you should avoid opening an oven door whilst wearing them!

The only question now is which colour to go for and where to buy it. I really like the colour in the picture (which is RL32/31 Cinnabar) so that’s a contender.

To give myself an idea of how I might look in it, I fired up GIMP and pasted my face onto the above pic. Here’s what I came up with. It’s not perfect and I haven’t attempted to match the skin tones.

How it might look on me.


Finally, here’s a couple of videos of the wig.

4 thoughts on “New wig?

  1. It really looks good on you in the photo but personally I think it’s important to try a wig on before you buy if at all possible. Incidentally your make up looks fabulous in this photo.

    1. I agree. However, the wig shop near me has, in my experience, a habit of rather ramping up the price and also cutting the tags out of their wigs so you don’t really know what you have (not so much an issue in this case as I’d be specifically requesting a make and model). It’s probably worth a phone call to them to see if they would get it in for me and how much they would charge.

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