Ten Years

There is a “10 year challenge” doing the rounds on Social Media at the moment, which is fairly timely for me as it is now 10 years since I first came out in public.

It was by no means the point at which I knew I was transgender – that was much further back than that. But it was the first time I ever presented as female in public in real life (as opposed to Second Life).

My sister held a Murder Mystery party and, knowing that I was TG, suggested I might like to take a female character and do “dressing up”. I was expected to be a ‘sexy nun’, but I’m not at all happy with the photos from that night so I won’t be posting a pic of that. But in the days afterwards I learned more about doing makeup, and started playing around with self portraiture.

The pic on the left was the first pic (that included my face) that I posted to Flickr, and was taken a couple of days after the party on 19th February 2009

So, there you go. 🙂


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