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Yesterday (Sunday) I decided I was definitely going to return that Plunge Bra to M&S for a refund, and I thought it would be nice to go in girl mode. If for no other reason than I know some of you want to see me in my new bewbies. 🙂
I decided to go for a very casual look with minimal makeup (not least because I wasn’t in the mood to spend ages on eyeliner).

I took the bra & knickers back and, as you would expect from Marks & Spencer, there was no quibble on the refund and it was all processed very quickly.


Whilst I was there, I spotted these absolutely gorgeous earrings and decided I simply had to have them. So I bought them, even though I now already have quite a collection of earrings.

After that I decided I may as well pop over to Camberley and have a wander round the shops. However, it fairly quickly became clear that I really wasn’t in the mood, and also was coming down with a cold, so I decided to go home. Besides, it wasn’t long until the Brazilian F1 GP was starting and I always like to watch races live.

I feel that the new breastforms have been a success. They don’t look or feel enormous, and I think they suit my frame and body shape a lot better than the smaller ones. They also have enough mass to have some realistic bounce and movement. I predict that some tops and dresses that previously fitted me may no longer fit with them, but if that happens then I always have the option of continuing to wear the smaller ones for those.

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    1. LOL. That did make me giggle! Breast reduction surgery results in a meal. ha ha.

      Mine are medical-grade silicone. I do tend to go a little overboard when I buy stuff. 🙂

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