Check out my rack!

I recently bought a jewellery rack from eBay to keep all my many necklaces on. You may recognise some of them from my previous pics.

Nice rack!
Nice rack!

I couldn’t believe the state it arrived in though! The seller had wrapped it in some bubblewrap, then a black bin bag, then some brown parcel tape. The ends of the rack and some of the prongs had pushed through and were sticking out. I can’t believe it wasn’t bent or damaged, nor can I get my head round someone thinking that was an acceptable way to send something like this. They’ll be getting neutral feedback at best, I think.

As an aside, did you know you have to wait for 7 days before you can leave neutral or negative feedback on eBay as a buyer? And did you also know that that sellers can’t leave anything but positive feedback? It really rather makes a mockery over the whole process when you are so strongly discouraged from leaving anything other than positive feedback.



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