Running out of steam

I really don’t want this blog to go the way of so many, where the author has an initial burst of enthusiasm and then runs out of steam and posts less and less.

The truth is, the loss of steam is not in my blog but in my life. I’ve had a little bit of a lean patch of late, what with stuff, work, laziness, lack of motivation, depression, and also that incident last month probably affecting me more than I thought it did. Certainly the muse hasn’t been on me lately and I haven’t felt motivated to do, well, anything really.

Also that date that I had last month sadly came to naught. He seemed like a really nice guy and we emailed every day and then suddenly… nothing… for a week. Then a text (in response to mine) that promised more info later. But it wasn’t forthcoming. I feel quite downhearted by it and don’t understand what I did that caused such a promising start to so abruptly end. 🙁

Having said that negative stuff, I have my next session of laser hair removal this Saturday. Pew! Pew! I’m really excited by it. Although it will be my third visit to ProSkin, it will only be the second treatment for each given part of my body, since my first two visits were essentially splitting one session into two visits. From this visit onwards it’s going to be the whole body in one session. We have 2½ hours allocated for Saturday, and it will probably take that long too. Eeps!

So far I’ve had great success from the laser. My arms are completely hair free apart from the odd one, which is great. My legs are pretty hairless too, but there are patches of hair here and there. Same story to varying degrees for the rest of me too. So it’s all very encouraging. Only downside is that grey and white hairs are unaffected, so I have just as much of those as I did before, only they are now a lot more visible. So when I’m further down the line on this, I’m going to have to look at either electrolysis or the newer Applisonix Ultrasound system to remove those. Obviously you’re getting into the law of diminishing returns there, but it’s got to be done to complete the job.

Anyway, hopefully things will perk up again soon and I’ll be back to my old self again shortly. Fingers crossed.

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