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National Cleavage Day

“National Cleavage Day”. What, really? Guys need a special day where it’s ok to perve a girl’s cleavage and this is somehow meant to empower them them in some way?

Ok, knock yourself out. Here’s my cleavage. Hope you like it.




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Check out my rack!

I recently bought a jewellery rack from eBay to keep all my many necklaces on. You may recognise some of them from my previous pics.

Nice rack!

Nice rack!

I couldn’t believe the state it arrived in though! The seller had wrapped it in some bubblewrap, then a black bin bag, then some brown parcel tape. The ends of the rack and some of the prongs had pushed through and were sticking out. I can’t believe it wasn’t bent or damaged, nor can I get my head round someone thinking that was an acceptable way to send something like this. They’ll be getting neutral feedback at best, I think.

As an aside, did you know you have to wait for 7 days before you can leave neutral or negative feedback on eBay as a buyer? And did you also know that that sellers can’t leave anything but positive feedback? It really rather makes a mockery over the whole process when you are so strongly discouraged from leaving anything other than positive feedback.




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Yours insincerely

I’ve long noticed that on Flickr, the comments all seem to be predominantly very polite and positive. People tend not to post anything rather than post something negative.

I’ve especially noticed this on pics of t-girls. Even when, to be brutally honest, they don’t actually look very good (to the extent it’s clearly a guy who has pulled on one of his wife’s dresses and plonked a wig on his head) people feel the need to build them up with gushing praise about how fantastic they look.

However, the corollary to this is that people then tend to get an artificially positive feeling about their pics and I’m not sure that’s particularly productive.

It also throws doubt onto all of the positive comments on my own Flickr.



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