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Let your mind go and your body will follow

Regular readers will know that I tried going to Salsa for a while but for one reason or another, mainly confidence, I stopped going.

Since I’ve spent so much time and money on laser hair removal and Voice Coaching, I decided I may as well press on and address that too, and so I contacted my Salsa teacher since she is really nice in order to enquire if she does private tuition, and she does.

So today I spent an hour with her, just working on basic moves; moving to music and being encouraged to essentially do what the title of this post says (I’ll give you extra points if you can identify the film it comes from, but only if you do it without googling!)

Normally I have to be drunk to let go like that, and of course when you’re drunk you always think you dance better than you do. But something wonderful happened today – I was able to let go and just dance. And if felt wonderful. I was so pleased with myself and am going back on Friday for another session!

On the way back, I needed to call into Fleet to pick up some things I had bought online but with ‘Collect In-Store’ rather than delivery, and I just happened to see a little craft stall and fell in love with a pair of earrings, which I bought. Then as I passed Claire’s Accessories I recalled that it had been just over 6 weeks since I had my ears pierced there, so called in and asked if they would help me remove my starter studs. It proved quite tricky to remove them, but we finally got them out and we got the new ones that I had just bought back in. I’m so happy! I’d like to thank the staff at Claire’s in Fleet for being so helpful and nice; it’s so lovely when you get people going the extra mile to help you.

I also managed to get a really lovely jumper in New Look for over 50% off and which cost me £11. Bargain! I’ll not post a photo just yet – it can wait until a I take a pic of me wearing it.

I also had another go with liquid eyeliner when I did my make-up this morning and, as you can see from the pic, it came out pretty well. Yay!


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Latest photos

So, moving on from my earlier post, I took these pics when I got home from Salsa.

Me! by Jo.Boyd

I’ve started doing my eyeliner slightly differently. I think it opens my eyes a little more and I’m really pleased with how it came out.


Per Una

The dress is the Per Una dress that I mentioned a few weeks ago, which I bought on eBay for £8.50. It fits me really well and I am over the moon with it. I love it when a bargain comes together!


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I had my first minor setback tonight.

I went to Salsa classes, which on a Friday is in a different town to the Monday classes but as convenient for me (in fact, slightly more so). The venue is a bar with a function room out back, and as I walked in it wasn’t clear where the class was. But there were a bunch of drunk and raucous guys sat down in the bar area.

The barman saw I was lost and asked me if I was here for the Salsa, and I nodded and he said it had been relocated to the Scout hut a few doors down, so I said thanks and turned to leave.

Well, my voice must have been the ‘tell’, because one of the blokes yelled out “‘Ere, it’s a bloke” and another then shouted “Orright, bollocky?” and then they all started jeering as I walked away. So I turned, gave them a pitying look, loudly said “Well aren’t you a f*cking comedian?” and then carried on walking away to more jeering and invitations to come back and say that again (aren’t men so brave when they’re in a group, huh?), so I flicked them the V’s (which got a cheer) and walked out. Wankers.

I guess all girls have to put up with shit like this from time to time, but it did seem particularly horrid and bullying. I wasn’t hurting anyone and I didn’t pose a threat to anyone. I was just someone to pick on to make the grunting Neanderthals feels better about themselves. So brave!

I thought I put a fairly brave face on it and didn’t show I was upset, but I was upset inside of course. Especially as it played on my mind after. But fortunately my friend turned up then and gave me some sympathy and moral support. Yay!

Anyway, Salsa classes were brilliant tonight and everyone was so nice there. It cheered me up again immensely.

I always knew I would have to deal with something like this sooner or later, and wondered how far it would set me back. And the answer is ‘not really that much at all’. I wasn’t scared of the blokes; I pity them. I pity their tiny bullying closed minds and the meanness of spirit that needs to denigrate others to feel good about themselves.

So, onwards and upwards. And I have more laser tomorrow. Pew!Pew!

I think perhaps a few sessions of Voice Therapy might be needed in amongst the laser visits though.


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Salsa me up, baby!

I went to Salsa classes again tonight. And I was a little brave because the friend who goes with me was unexpectedly unable to go, so I went anyway!

This is the outfit I wore. The flat shoes made spins easier, although I actually hate flats and much prefer a little bit of a heel. It’s just the Bloch dance trainers that I got secondhand on eBay are too grippy on the surface where we do the Salsa classes.

You can’t really tell from the pic, but the skirt is really light and flares out really easily when you turn. It’s my new fave dance skirt. 🙂

Salsa me up! by Jo.Boyd


Also, I learned three things at Salsa tonight:

  1. Salsa is *so* much easier with a strong male lead who knows what he’s doing (and almost impossible with a guy who is clueless) and it’s much easier with the music, with the guy leading you into the moves and you just going with the flow.
  2. I can do spins after all (kind of. Getting there anyway). Yay!
  3. Spins and turns are way more fun when you wear a skirt which flares out when you spin and turn.
    Weeeee! \o/

So I think I am definitely going to go back. At least for a while anyway.


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I went to Salsa classes for the very first time tonight, with a good friend. Slightly brave of me, but I’m getting pretty comfortable going out in girl mode.

I took to the basic steps very quickly because I’ve got a good sense of rhythm, but completely failed when we got onto spins and turns, which was as I feared. But the instructor was really nice and helped me (although I still can’t do them!) and then at the end told me I’d achieved far more than most total beginners do. So that was nice.

Definitely going back next week!

Not sure if anyone ‘read’ me. Either they did and didn’t bat an eyelid or give any indication, or else I completely passed. Yay me! \o/

Edit: This was a song they played there that just clicked for me. Mind you, it’s a song I’ve always liked anyway, but it seems just right for Salsa.




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