Salsa me up, baby!

I went to Salsa classes again tonight. And I was a little brave because the friend who goes with me was unexpectedly unable to go, so I went anyway!

This is the outfit I wore. The flat shoes made spins easier, although I actually hate flats and much prefer a little bit of a heel. It’s just the Bloch dance trainers that I got secondhand on eBay are too grippy on the surface where we do the Salsa classes.

You can’t really tell from the pic, but the skirt is really light and flares out really easily when you turn. It’s my new fave dance skirt. 🙂

Salsa me up! by Jo.Boyd


Also, I learned three things at Salsa tonight:

  1. Salsa is *so* much easier with a strong male lead who knows what he’s doing (and almost impossible with a guy who is clueless) and it’s much easier with the music, with the guy leading you into the moves and you just going with the flow.
  2. I can do spins after all (kind of. Getting there anyway). Yay!
  3. Spins and turns are way more fun when you wear a skirt which flares out when you spin and turn.
    Weeeee! \o/

So I think I am definitely going to go back. At least for a while anyway.

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