I went to Salsa classes for the very first time tonight, with a good friend. Slightly brave of me, but I’m getting pretty comfortable going out in girl mode.

I took to the basic steps very quickly because I’ve got a good sense of rhythm, but completely failed when we got onto spins and turns, which was as I feared. But the instructor was really nice and helped me (although I still can’t do them!) and then at the end told me I’d achieved far more than most total beginners do. So that was nice.

Definitely going back next week!

Not sure if anyone ‘read’ me. Either they did and didn’t bat an eyelid or give any indication, or else I completely passed. Yay me! \o/

Edit: This was a song they played there that just clicked for me. Mind you, it’s a song I’ve always liked anyway, but it seems just right for Salsa.



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