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The butterfly and the dragonfly have both long been emblems that are special to me, representing as they do the concept of rebirth, metamorphosis and transformation. One of my favourite necklaces is one that I posted about back in May 2013 and which you’ll have seen many times in my pics since.

On the way home from work last night I called into White Lion Antiques on the A30 near Hartley Wintney, and this rather wonderful Art Deco style butterfly necklace caught my eye.

Butterfly necklace

Butterfly necklace

I thought it might go quite well with the Gold & Grey Mesh Flower Print dress that I mentioned in my previous post. Otherwise, I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with it as it’s quite ornate. I do really like it though.


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Out and about



Yesterday (Sunday) I decided I was definitely going to return that Plunge Bra to M&S for a refund, and I thought it would be nice to go in girl mode. If for no other reason than I know some of you want to see me in my new bewbies. ūüôā
I decided to go for a very casual look with minimal makeup (not least because I wasn’t in the mood to spend ages on eyeliner).

I took the bra & knickers back and, as you would expect from Marks & Spencer, there was no quibble on the refund and it was all processed very quickly.



Whilst I was there, I spotted these absolutely gorgeous earrings and decided I simply had to have them. So I bought them, even though I now already have quite a collection of earrings.

After that I decided I may as well pop over to Camberley and have a wander round the shops. However, it fairly quickly became clear that I really wasn’t in the mood, and also was coming down with a cold, so I decided to go home. Besides, it wasn’t long until the Brazilian F1 GP was starting and I always like to watch races live.

I feel that the new breastforms have been a success. They don’t look or feel enormous, and I think they suit my frame and body shape a lot better than the smaller ones. They also have enough mass to have some realistic bounce and movement. I predict that some tops and dresses that previously fitted me may no longer fit with them, but if that happens then I always have the option of continuing to wear the smaller ones for those.


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Fashion update

Baroque Print Skater Dress

‘Baroque Print Skater Dress’ by Tenki on Flickr

As I mentioned in a recent post, I recently bought the ‘Baroque Print Skater Dress’ by Tenki but had not taken a photo of me wearing it. I’ve now taken one, as you can see. I can’t say I’m totally happy with the way it sits on me, though; especially in the under-bust area. Definitely not a favourite, although it’s ok I guess. I think I’m not alone in this opinion because it has gathered below-average views, faves and comments on Flickr.

‘Smoky Floral Lace Skater Dress’ by Select Fashion on Flickr

Far more successful was this lovely Smokey Lace Skater Dress by Select Fashion that I bought during a recent shopping trip to Camberley. I love how it appears sheer yet has strategically placed modesty panels. It’s really comfortable and I absolutely adore it. I think the colour and design really suit me. Again, it seems I’m not alone there as the above-average views, faves and comments on Flickr reflect. Even better, it was only ¬£14.99 – barrrrrgain!

Browns & Whites

‘Browns & Whites’ on Flickr

Another success, bought during the same shopping trip, was a really cute brown biker jacket that I bought in H&M. It’s meant to look like leather, but close up it’s not fooling anyone. But that’s hardly surprising as it was only ¬£34.99 and you’d expect to pay 10 times that for proper leather. But I think it looks pretty cute (as do my Flickr followers, it seems). I paired it with a skirt and belt that I bought years ago, a top that has appeared in previous pics, and my favourite Timberland boots. To be honest, the boots are a little dark for this outfit, but never mind.

Moving on to New Look I bought a nice floral body in the sale, reduced to ¬£7. You don’t tend to see them to buy that often (unless they are as a really expensive ‘shaping body’) – certainly Marks & Spencer haven’t stocked them for ages. That’s a pity because I find them really useful and they really flatten and shape the tummy far better than a camisole or vest do.

Short Sleeve Pointelle Knit Shrug

Short Sleeve Pointelle Knit Shrug

I also bought a cute little black Short Sleeve Pointelle Knit Shrug which was also reduced to £7. I bought it because I thought it could be versatile and useful for going out, especially as the weather cools into Autumn.

Topshop earrings

Topshop earrings

Yesterday I was out shopping in guy mode for some stuff, and visited Farnborough Gate because I needed to go to Halfords. Whilst there I popped into Boots to get a liquid eyeliner, and decided to try a liquid eyeliner pen. It looks for all the world like a felt tip pen. Perhaps I could have saved some money and used a Sharpie marker instead? Anyway, I’m planning to have a go with it this weekend (the eyeliner pen, not the Sharpie marker!) and will let you know how that goes.

Whilst at Farnborough Gate I also popped into Topshop, and saw these absolutely gorgeous earrings. I love how they have an Art Deco (or possibly Art Nouveau) vibe and the chains are really delicate. Also I really like how they have mirror symmetry – it really annoys me when asymmetric earrings don’t.


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Oops, shopping

I was out for a little drive today, and I happened to drive past the Holme Grange Craft Village near Wokingham. Since it was a lovely day, and I had nothing better to do, I popped in and wandered around the shops there.

Whilst in one of the shops, I completely failed to resist buying these two pairs of earrings.

Heart earrings

The ones on the left were ¬£9.80, and to be honest aren’t of the highest quality now that I have them home, but they’re nice enough. The ones on the right were ¬£10 and are apparently Swarovski crystal. I absolutely adore them.

Since I’m meant to be on a spending lockdown at the moment, all I can do is smile sweetly and say “oops”.



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Fashion update

As I mentioned on a recent post, I managed to pick up some more bargains on a recent shopping trip.

From New Look I got a lovely jumper for ¬£11 (in the sale) and a vest top similar to the blue one I am wearing in the woods but in wine for ¬£2 (also in the sale). From Accessorize I got a pair of earrings for ¬£6. The earrings are in a sort of belly dancer style, I guess, but they are something I have wanted for a while now. In Primark I got a skirt for ¬£3, a necklace and earrings set for ¬£2.50, a pair of 120 Denier tights for ¬£2.50, a 3-pack of “Emergency handbag tights” for ¬£1.50, with each pair in a very compact tear-off plastic bubble designed to stay in your handbag till you ladder the ones you’re wearing. Very handy. And, finally, a DVD (Kill Bill: Volume 1) which I got in Poundland for, obviously enough, ¬£1. Total spend was ¬£29.50 plus ¬£1.60 parking. Not too bad I think.

You can see the jumper, the skirt, and just about see the earrings, in this pic:

Jumper, skirt and earrings

Jumper, skirt and earrings

And here is a better pic of the earrings.



Then, today, I went to an Antiques and Collectors fair. I managed to buy four Royal Doulton port / sherry glasses in the “Georgian” style for ¬£11 (negotiated down from ¬£14), to add to my existing collection of this style, and also a pair of silver earrings for the grand price of ¬£4 (I didn’t have the cheek to negotiate those down. LOL.




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A little more real

I’ve had quite an epic long weekend!

I’ve had friends over since Thursday evening, staying over till mid-morning Monday, and I have been in girl mode for that entire time, which is the longest continuous period I have done that for.

I’ve learned several things. Firstly, it’s a bit of a palaver and I think if I were to go full-time, I’d probably be one of those girls who wears minimal makeup a lot of the time. But, also, I’ve found that I don’t actually need a lot either. Just my wig, my bewbies, and a little bit of mascara makes me look very feminine. Certainly feminine enough not to break the suspension of disbelief round the house at any rate.
However, I have also found that the wig really starts to bug me when I get tired. I can’t wait to get it off by bedtime. It’s also pretty warm.

I’ve also found my voice is all over the place at the moment. According to my Voice Coach that’s to be expected, but it’s quite frustrating especially as it’s hard to recapture my feminine voice when it goes. Particularly more so when I get tired. However, it’s been good practise and I feel very comfortable when ‘out and about’.

But this is not the reason for this post’s title. No, the reason that things have got a bit more real is that I have finally got my ears pierced. Now, I realise that is no big deal to many people, but it is to me. It is the first thing that I have done that is a permanent change that will be noticed by all, including my colleagues. Yes, I have been having the laser hair removal and I have long and well-manicured nails, but frankly those are things easily overlooked by colleagues (especially male ones). However, pierced ears are less easily overlooked, especially as getting your ears pierced at my age screams “mid-life crisis” in guy mode for those people who don’t know about me being transgender. Fortunately I’ve just finished my current job and am looking around for new work, so this seemed the perfect time.
I confess I very nearly bottled it, but two things caused me to go through with it. One was my lovely friends Nina and Tasha who encouraged me very gently; not enough to be coercion (I should stress) but enough to give me that little bit of encouragement I needed.

The other was this absolutely gorgeous necklace, earrings and bracelet set that I bought in Debenhams. I absolutely fell in love with it and realised how much I want to be able to wear earrings. Of course, it will be a while before I can wear them because I have to wait 6-8 weeks before the starter studs can come out, and then after that I can only wear simple post earrings for a while. However, it’s something to look forward to.

So, anyway, that’s my little step further along the path I have chosen. How exciting!


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Fashion Roundup

Not much to report on my recent purchases, but there are a couple of things I wanted to share.

DUO - Aralia

DUO – Aralia

First up is to say how brilliant the Customer Service is at DUO Boots. I bought their Neva boots, as I mentioned in an earlier post, but felt that I wasn’t totally happy with them. I won’t go into detail, but DUO couldn’t have been more helpful. Julie, the person I corresponded with, helped me choose a pair that had a narrower ankle fit, which turned out to be the Aralia boots I had almost gone for anyway, authorised a free return (usually ¬£3.99) and also applied a 10% discount to the price of the Aralia boots as a gesture of goodwill meaning my boots ended up costing me ¬£148.50 – I honestly couldn’t be happier with how they handled the whole thing and I will definitely be buying from them again.

The turnaround felt like forever (it was actually only a week), but the Aralias finally arrived with me last Saturday just as I was getting ready to go out. After a quick try on I decided they were definitely keepers so I wore them when I went out. They proved to be pretty comfortable even when walking around IKEA for an hour or two, but they did give me little warning twinges that these are not boots to go shopping in for hours on end. At least not without gel pads for the balls of the feet or maybe insoles. I will investigate that.

Rocket Dog - Satire

Rocket Dog – Satire

Another company that gave me a painless refund was Amazon. I ordered these absolutely gorgeous Rocket Dog ankle boots a couple of weeks ago. Since I’m on Amazon Prime they arrived the next day, I tried them on, and it was immediately clear they were way too small (and I don’t just mean a little, I mean like 2 sizes too small despite being clearly labelled as my size). So I went to my computer, called up the order, clicked the Return button, printed the pre-paid returns label, packed the boots up in the box & bag they came in, applied the label, and popped down to my local Collect+ dropoff shop which happens to be open until 10.30pm. By the time I got home, Amazon had credited me a full refund. Fantastic. Such a shame they didn’t fit though, because they are so cute.

Tulip heart necklace

Tulip heart necklace

Finally, I was at an Antique & Vintage Fair at Sandown Park Racecourse last Sunday, and this beautiful silver necklace caught my eye. The seller wanted ¬£15 for it and I managed to get that down to ¬£12, which I consider to be reasonable. I haven’t worn it yet, but I look forward to doing so soon. I’m going to be going to the big Antique and Collectors fair at Alexandra Palace this Sunday so I may wear it then.


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A good friend recently persuaded me to buy an anklet and always wear it, just to remind me who I am.

It arrived on Monday, and I haven’t taken it off yet. I’ve never owned or worn an anklet before and I really like it. You can just about feel it’s there even when wearing socks, and nobody would know you were wearing it. And she is right; it is a constant and nice reminder of my femininity.

I think I may be buying more of them in future!


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Check out my rack!

I recently bought a jewellery rack from eBay to keep all my many necklaces on. You may recognise some of them from my previous pics.

Nice rack!

Nice rack!

I couldn’t believe the state it arrived in though! The seller had wrapped it in some bubblewrap, then a black bin bag, then some brown parcel tape. The ends of the rack and some of the prongs had pushed through and were sticking out. I can’t believe it wasn’t bent or damaged, nor can I get my head round someone thinking that was an acceptable way to send something like this. They’ll be getting neutral feedback at best, I think.

As an aside, did you know you have to wait for 7 days before you can leave neutral or negative feedback on eBay as a buyer? And did you also know that that sellers can’t leave anything but positive feedback? It really rather makes a mockery over the whole process when you are so strongly discouraged from leaving anything other than positive feedback.




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Phoenix dactylifera

I spent an absolutely wonderful 8 hours today with a very lovely man (and I’m not just saying he’s very lovely because he’ll be reading this!)

We met up at lunchtime and went to La Tasca for lunch. Due to a slight miscalculation on my part, we ordered rather too much food so were, um, ‘somewhat replete’ when we were done (or, if you prefer, ‘absolutely podged’). Bang goes the diet for today, I think. ha ha

Then after that we popped into the cinema and watched Iron Man 3. What an absolute romp of a film! I really enjoyed it, although I felt it got a little silly in the climactic battle. Still loved it though!

Had one little scare as we got up to leave, though. As I was walking down the steep steps, I caught my heel and pitched forwards into a full-on fall. Life flashing before your eyes type stuff. My left arm shot out and I grabbed a random guy round his right upper arm and saved myself. I don’t know how I did that, because it happened faster than conscious thought. Poor guy was skinny and in his late teens / early 20’s, and I basically wrapped my hand round his skinny forearm above his elbow, and his elbow joint stopped me slipping down him. How he managed to hold me up, rather than us both going down I do not know. I was really apologetic and he genuinely saved me from a very nasty fall (albeit involuntarily). I really hope I didn’t hurt him and that he’s ok.

After that my date and I went to a pub and had a drink and a nice long chat & natter for ages before it was time to head off in our different directions.

Butterfly necklace

Dragonfly necklace

I’m afraid I didn’t get any pics. Well, none that I am happy with anyway, so they’ll have to come another time. But I did wear a really lovely necklace that I got for an absolute barrrrgain on eBay recently. I was the only bidder and managed to get it for 99p + ¬£1.99 postage. Don’t tell the seller but I had a maximum bid of ¬£20 on it because I wanted it so much! So yay me I think. ūüôā

So, anyway, that was my day today. Hope yours was every bit as good!


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