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Review: Binky nail varnish

I was in my local Co-Op the other day and they had Binky nail varnish on special offer at £2 a go.

Having really enjoyed wearing my best friend’s “Countess” by Barry M that we both wore during a weekend away with her recently, I was drawn to the glittery purple “Purple Shimmer” in the Binky range, and also to “Pink Crystal”. I figured that for a fraction of the price of an OPI nail varnish, they were cheap enough to give it a go.



As an aside, I have to say that “Purple Shimmer” and “Pink Crystal” sound like characters in ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic‘ which made them even more appealing to me. 🙂

I haven’t tried Pink Crystal yet, but I have worn the Purple Shimmer.

It went on very thick and gel-like. One coat was almost enough, but I did two coats to get a deep even coverage. It dried very quickly between coats.

However, it took three coats of clear top coat before it stopped feeling like sand paper, and I fear it’s going to be as hard to take off as the Barry M was.

Purple Shimmer by Binky

Purple Shimmer by Binky

Durability is good so far, and I haven’t had any chips yet after 5 days. I’ll update this post in a few days with further information, including how easy it was to remove.


Well, as expected it was an absolute nightmare to remove! But before that, it lasted a good 10 days before it had to come off, and that was mainly because it was growing out. So I call that rather good value for money.


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End of Stays

O.P.I. of the masses

O.P.I. of the masses

Yesterday was the last day of my Staycation and I was back to work today. That meant that last night I had to get my nail varnish off, and trim my nails back a bit. I generally wear them as long as I can get away with in guy mode but they were way too long for that and desperately needed trimming. In fact, they were getting a little long for me anyway, since after a certain length they tend to alter the way I type which starts to give me joint ache in my hands which is never a good thing.

After trimming and shaping, I put on O.P.I. Matte Nail Envy (far left in the pic), which is a brilliant stealth varnish as it protects your nails but is almost completely invisible. I wear this pretty much all the time when I don’t wear actual nail varnish.

When the alarm went off this morning at 6.30am, it was a bit of a wrench to say the least. But I hauled myself out of bed and bundled myself into the shower, and things felt a little more bearable after that. Leaving the house in twilight was rather depressing, I have to say. And it’s not going to get any better – I’m sure it will be no time before I’m leaving the house in total darkness in the morning.

I got to work in good time, and most of my working day today has been spent getting back on my feet. Although my first task upon getting to my desk was to try get back on my arse, since some git had stolen my chair. 🙂

After that, it was several catch-up meetings, planning meetings, and the like. The day pretty much flew by. Tomorrow is when I really get my nose back to the grindstone.


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Star Spangled by ORLY

I got this sparkly red nail polish on the front cover of a magazine like Cosmopolitan. I forget which one it actually was. Anyway, this is the first time I have worn it. It went on pretty well and looks nice so far.

I do have to giggle at the name “ORLY” though, being a bit of a geek, because it is a well-known internet meme. Although I do know that ORLY predates the meme.



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Japanese Rose Garden

I did my nails tonight ready for my trip up to London tomorrow. It’s an O.P.I. nail varnish called Japanese Rose Garden (NL F04)

I love OPI as it goes on so well, yet also very precisely; I rarely get overspill. I also love the colour too!


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