Not going out (much)

I’m not entirely sure how many people actually read my blog, or follow me. When I moved to self-hosting, very few people have re-followed me and I’m not sure if my followers from still get notifications for posts made here or not.

But, regardless of whether or not anyone reads this blog, I thought it was about time I posted an update

I’m lazy. There, I said it. And we all know that putting on your makeup can be a bit of a palaver, so I often find that when I need to pop out to the shops then it’s simply less effort to go out in drab clothes and present as male. A cis woman has the option of going out without makeup and still being seen as female, but sadly that option is not open to me so the only two (realistic) choices are a) making a big effort to present as female or b) present as male.

I’ve been working from home for almost a year now, and frankly it is enough of an effort to simply get dressed in more than a t-shirt and joggers, let alone put on makeup, unless I am planning on going out of the house (I wouldn’t be seen dead in joggers outside of the house). And I am finding that as there is less and less reason to go out of the house, I have less and less desire to go out of the house. I guess I’m becoming a little bit hermitty.

Right now, the only times I seem to be making the effort is when I have to make an effort – when I am meeting someone who knows me as female and expects to see me dressed like that. That’s not to say that my friends wouldn’t be fine seeing me presenting as male, of course, but I wouldn’t be fine with them seeing me like that. If that makes any sense. But things like that are few and far between – my friends are spread out all over the country, if not the world. My bestie lives 3-4 hours away for example. And most of my business dealings are done via email, IM, or Skype. So right now, I have very few opportunities to see people face-to-face.

I really ought to make more of an effort really. I should make it a rule that if I go out of the house then it should be in girl mode. But, as I said, I’m lazy. And sometimes it is enough of an effort to even go out of the house at all, let alone the extra effort of going in girl mode.

So, this is why I am not posting so many photos on Flickr and Instagram lately, and also why I’m not updating this blog very often; there’s just nothing much to report as I’m not really doing much. 🙁



3 thoughts on “Not going out (much)

  1. I’m a bit the same. It’s such a huge amiunt amount of effort and organisation to dress that unless there’s an event involved it’s not worth it. So once a month for me, if that, which is not great.

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