New pen – Sheaffer Triumph with V-inlay

I was at an antiques trade fair recently, and a few of the sellers had the odd fountain pen here and there. Nothing that caught my eye. But one had a reasonable collection and amongst them I spied a Sheaffer.

I’m a big fan of the Sheaffer inlaid nib (on purely aesthetic grounds), although mainly the diamond-shaped inlay ones. I have so far not bought a V-shape inlay pen.

However, the seller only wanted £10 for it and it would be rude not to. 🙂

I’ve rinsed it out and dip tested it, and it writes with a very fine nib – far more fine than any of my other Sheaffers. Unfortunately, the rinsing process, which included rinsing the converter, caused the rubber sac in the converter to fail – it was probably on its last legs so so speak. So that will have to be replaced or else I will simply use one from one of my other Sheaffers.

After doing a bit of research, I’m a little confused. The nib looks like a 330 but the cap is wrong for a 330. The cap looks more like the one for a 440 but the nib is wrong. So it could be a “bitsa” pen.

Or it could be a 440 with a V-inlay, which apparently is a thing according to this thread:…

Whatever it is, it is certainly from the Sheaffer Triumph range, which is often referred to as a Quasi-Imperial as it has the inlaid nib that evokes the Imperial range, but is not an actual Imperial.

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