As you can see, there hasn’t been a lot of activity on my blog for a little while.
This is mostly down to the fact that there hasn’t been a lot of activity in my t-life either; the muse has not been upon me (so to speak). Also I’ve been out of work for a few months (I’m self-employed and business is a bit quiet at the moment. I’m not on the dole or anything).

Now I know what some t-girl readers will be thinking right now, which is “Awesome! Dress as often as you want”, but that’s half the problem; I’m at the stage in my t-life where just getting dressed for no other reason than to do it just feels like a completely pointless faff and I literally can’t be bothered – I need to be doing it for a reason. Often that reason is to go out shopping, but since I have tightened my belt until I am earning again, that’s not really an option. Besides, I kind of have enough clothes and shoes at the moment (I never thought I would say that!!). Another reason is to go up to London for a Way Out Club meet, but again, finances don’t really allow at the moment – the petrol, admission and drinks prices soon add up. So that’s sort of on hold too.

I’m not sure what it implies for me to be where I am on this; I don’t believe that it means that I am tiring of the whole girl thing. I think it is more a case of it being so ‘normal’ for me that I would no more dress for no reason in girl mode than I would in guy mode, if that makes any sense. Or maybe I have just become very lazy. I don’t know.

In other news, my pierced ears have been a total success. I can sleep overnight without studs in and the studs slip in without fuss in the morning. Previously there would be a feeling of breaking a seal when putting them back in after having none in overnight, as they were starting to heal up in just that short time. But no longer. Yay!

On the depilation front, I’ve got odd hairs growing here and there everywhere, but for the legs, arms and chest none are noticeable enough to matter. And any that are noticeable can be quickly swept off with a disposable razor used dry. My face is still proving an issue though – the upper lip and chin are seeing some regrowth which is quite annoying. I will need at least another session of laser, maybe more, to sort that out and then electrolysis. I don’t want to start electrolysis until all the dark hairs are gone though.
Considering the cost of laser hair removal, and how just one whole body session is a comparable in price to buying a home IPL machine outright, I’m considering the latter. Then I can just keep zapping that upper lip until I beat it into submission. Something to look into when I am earning again I think.