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Recently a catalogue (a real, actual, dead tree one) popped through my letterbox from the French company La Redoute. I’m not entirely sure where they got my details from, but no matter. I confess I haven’t heard of them before.

La Redoute - Soft Dual Fabric Round Neck T-Shirt
La Redoute – Soft Dual Fabric Round Neck T-Shirt

I had a quick flick through and saw a t-shirt top I absolutely adored and just had to have. And what’s better they were giving an introductory offer of £15 off my first order so long as I spent more than £20.

So, the t-shirt was a must. But what else to buy to make the minimum?

La Redoute - Short-Sleeved Lace Dress with Elasticated Waist
La Redoute – Short-Sleeved Lace Dress with Elasticated Waist

Then this lace dress caught my eye. Yay!

Total price for the two of them together, after discount, was £22.99 (inc delivery) which I thought was fairly reasonable.

A few days passed, and then I got an email proudly proclaiming the “good news!” that my order was being prepared for despatch. I don’t know about you, but after 3 days I would expect an email apologising for the fact that it was only now being despatched. I’ve since had a further email the following day saying that it had now been despatched and they hoped I had got the items by now and that I was happy with them. Well, no such luck as if they’d looked at the courier’s tracking site like I have they’d see it was still in transit. That was yesterday (Saturday) so hopefully I will get it tomorrow or Tuesday.

A google search of La Redoute shows some real horror stories with frequent delays in delivery, and even worse experiences with Returns & Exchanges, so hopefully I will be one of the lucky ones and it really will be with me soon. Just got my fingers crossed now that I don’t need to do a return.

Update: The items arrived today and I’m absolutely over the moon with them! So I guess that either I was one of the lucky ones, or La Redoute have addressed the criticisms that the internet is awash with.

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