Gender roles

A little while ago I discovered The Advocate, with some of the articles really making me think and some of them blowing my mind, such as the one that suggested that the fundamental flaw in being transgendered and trying to pass as a women is that it is a game where the only time you are succeeding is when people do not realise you are succeeding. And If they become aware that you are succeeding, then you have just failed.

However, I’m not full time and moreover have no intention of becoming so. I’m not interested in transitioning from one society-approved binary state to the other. I think both genders have their advantages and disadvantages, and I’m greedy enough to want to pick and choose the best from both, just like I do my sexuality. An unpopular choice from the people who think I should “make my bloody mind up”, I guess. But why should I?
(Edit: Although, yes, when I am out in girl mode I most definitely do want to pass convincingly as such, so I guess that in some ways it does apply).

So when I read this article, I can kind of understand where the author is coming from. I can understand that a completely gay man could find that upsetting or annoying, but to me it sounds like heaven!

Funny old world. isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Gender roles

  1. Hey QT 🙂 This post kinda made me stop and think a bit myself. Not so much as ‘making up my mind’ or even ‘succeeding in the presented binary state’, but more along the lines of why do we even have to choose? I’m wondering why we can’t be accepted as humans no matter what our clothes or mannerisms may suggest. I for example feel so much more feminine than masculine and like to dress in pretty things which you have to admit are more on the ‘F’ side of that line society has hammered in stone. lol But why must we choose ‘to be’ male or female when whatever we choose surly won’t change who we actually are. To me it’s merely boxing/pegging or simply limiting ourselves by placing a huge label on our heads. I happy with who I am and because of that I don’t feel the need to empress anyone so if I wear a dress but sound more like the stereotypical ‘male’ then that’s their problem, not mine 🙂 I only get offended when someone tries to put me in a box by their judgement. Who are they to judge anyway. 🙂 OK so maybe I did kinda get on a lil rant and I apologize but still, Why do we have to choose one or the other if we feel both fits better. 🙂

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