We’re ess aitch oh pea pea eye en gee…


I went shopping today (quelle surprise) and found some absolute bargains. It seems everyone still has a sale on of some sort. I know everyone is struggling financially at the moment, but if you do have a little disposable income then there are some stunning bargains to be had.

I got an uber-cute pair of black leather ankle boots for £20 (reduced from £50) in Barratts and a black leather dress by Oasis for £15 (reduced from £60). Yay me!

Expect photos from these at some stage, although I’m a bit tired today plus the light has gone, and I am out all day tomorrow, so it’s unlikely to be this weekend.

One thought on “We’re ess aitch oh pea pea eye en gee…

  1. That’s a pretty photo of you out and about! I like the cardigan and top combination. No hint of what the dress looks like? So we’ll have to wait and see the bargains.

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