Hello and welcome!

I’m really looking forward to this weekend. I have at least 3 outfits that I want to take vain self-portraits of, and also I have my new MAC makeup to try, now that I have found the missing items (long story). So that will be good.

And, of course, once dressed up with no place to go it would be rude not to go out shopping, so maybe I will find some other outfits too (Yay!) There’s many more nice clothes available to me now that I have lost some weight. 24 lbs so far now, which makes a big difference, I can tell you!

Talking of photos, I was really happy to see that over the past 2 weeks I have over 700 views (at the time of writing) on my latest Flickr pic. I guess it was obvious that the corset and gorgeous boots would garner extra views, but it was still really nice. I love getting views, nice comments and nice emails.

Next weekend should be even better though, as I am going round to some friends for a girls’ night in on Saturday. Well, girls plus Rach’s boyfriend. Poor thing. It’s going to be great though! Can’t wait!


Update: 3,378 views as of 14-Aug-13!

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