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Take another Five

20th Century & Art Deco fair

20th Century & Art Deco fair

On Sunday I was back at the Woking Leisure Centre for another of Take Five‘s fairs, this time for a 20th Century, Art Nouveau and Art Deco fair. These are generally less packed with stalls than the “flea, antiques & collectors” markets but the sellers tend to have more expensive and larger items for sale.

I went in knowing from previous experience that I would be unlikely to find something that I both liked and could afford, and that was certainly the case. There were some lovely pieces but were way outside my price range. Rather amusingly I also saw a few items that had also been in the ‘flea, antiques & collectors’ market a few weeks previously. I guess there is some overlap between the two.

One thing that did catch my eye was an absolutely gorgeous Art Nouveau necklace, which I asked to look at. As the seller took it out of the display case to show it to me, she said it was an original Charles Horner dating from around 1908, and at that point I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to afford it.
As we chatted she remarked on the necklace that I was wearing and how pretty it was, and I mentioned that I had bought it for next to nothing. She then said that this one was going to be a little more and the very best price she could do was £220. I winced, and explained that I really just buy stuff on aesthetics and I don’t really know anything about anything, and I don’t buy to sell on; I buy to wear. She said she totally understood, and that she thought I had a very good eye given the fact I liked this necklace and also given the necklace I was wearing.

I asked if she could write down the name of the creator of the necklace for me, so I could read up on him and if I could possibly take a picture of it to remind me how beautiful it is, so she wrote down the name ‘Charles Horner’ on her business card and said that there was a picture on her website. Her name is Amita Vetta of Love That Jewellery, and when I got home I visited her website and saw that the necklace is for sale there for £285 so she really was giving me her best price and I appreciate that, and also appreciate the amount of time she spent chatting to me; a thoroughly nice lady. It’s just a shame that it was just way outside of my price range. I confess I was really tempted though. I do hope this doesn’t turn out to be another of life’s little missed opportunities.

A little disheartened, I moved on and eventually came across a necklace that I thought was quite nice, and which the seller said was probably from the 1920’s. The best price she could do was £20. I said I’d have a think and come back to her, and continued to wander around. At some point a live male singer began to sing to a backing track (you can see the microphone in the centre of the pic above if you look hard), which was really nice and gave a lovely atmosphere despite the fact we were all in a Sports Hall.

Fan necklace

Go on then

Eventually I finished my tour of the stalls, and I returned to the cheaper necklace and after a little pondering said “ah go on then” to the seller and gave her a £20 note. It was probably a little more than I wanted to pay but I consider it a consolation prize for the fact I couldn’t afford the Charles Horner necklace.

After that, it was a drive from Woking to Basingstoke, via Lightwater to the M3, because I had to take that sequin dress back and only had one day left to do so. I made good time despite the M3 being on a 50mph speed limit with Average Speed Cameras due to the extensive roadworks they are doing, and eventually I arrived at Festival Place.

I took the sequin dress back to Top Shop and they gave me a full refund for the £68 I paid for it (I notice it is now £40 in the sales) without any quibble. When the sales girl asked me if there was anything wrong with it I said there wasn’t, it just wasn’t right for me. She nodded and said that this is always the problem with t-shirt dresses and that she prefers a more fitted waist. I agreed and said that was exactly why I was returning it. So in some ways I felt quite vindicated by her comment. Which was nice.

I wandered round the shops but nothing much caught my eye apart from this awesome pop art canvas of Iron Man. I knew the moment I saw it that I had to have it, and the fact it was only £15 was a bonus. So I bought that and returned to the car to stow it, and then went back down to wander the shops some more.

Iron Man canvas

Iron Man canvas

I came across a very strange thing in one shop. It was one of those pop-up clothes shops that sells all sorts of brands and they had my ‘Gold & Grey Mesh Flower Print Dress’ that I had bought from Quiz. Only the label didn’t say Quiz; it said Stella Morgan. I’ve done a little detective work on this since, and it seems legitimate – Tesco are also selling it branded as Stella Morgan under their F&F range.
The shop had the Gold & Grey, and also a Black & Blue. My research online has shown that the usual colours are Black & Grey and Gold & Grey, but I can’t find the Black & Blue online anywhere, which is a pity as if I’d known that I might have been tempted to buy it despite it being £39.99 as it looked stunning in Black & Blue, but it might work in Black & Grey too. I notice that Tesco have just reduced the Black & Grey to £30 in their online sale so I might buy that as I really do love the Gold & Grey that I have.

I’m still a little confused by the fact that this dress is by Quiz with some sellers (including Amazon) and Stella Morgan with others. Clearly there is some re-branding going on.

Anyway, I didn’t find anything else, and decided I was done. But before I went home I took an obligatory selfie because, well, you have to don’t you? 🙂
You can see the pic on Flickr (click here), and can see the necklace I was wearing too – the one Amita complimented me on.


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Take Five

Obligatory selfie

Obligatory selfie

On Sunday I attended one of Take Five‘s flea, antiques & collectors markets. These are held roughly once a month at the Woking Leisure Centre, although some events are 20th Century & Art Deco events. You can find a calendar on their website if you are interested.

I got there just after midday, which probably wasn’t ideal as it had been open since 9am but there was still plenty to buy.

Flea, antiques & collectors market

Flea, antiques & collectors market

You enter the main hall of the Leisure Centre via the balcony (hence the angle of the photo of the hall) so whilst I was up there it was kind of obligatory to take a selfie too. 😀

Bieres de la Meuse

Bieres de la Meuse

I’d no sooner got down into the main hall and looking at the stalls when I spied my first bargain – a retro metal sign in the Art Nouveau style which was only £3 and is ideal for my Retro Wall. The sign is a little beat up, unlike my others which were all bought new, but I think it adds to the charm.

It took me a lot longer to find my next purchase. I was quite tempted by some dragonfly earrings, but the seller had £20 on the smaller pair and £30 on a larger pair. When I asked him how much he’d come down from the £20 for the smaller pair, he sucked his teeth and suggested £19. They weren’t worth that to me so I politely said I would leave them, and moved on.

As I wandered around the hall and chatted to the sellers, at least 3 complemented me on my jumper with one lady saying it was “just so cute”, which was really nice.

I also got chatting to a toy seller who, amongst other things, had a Captain Scarlett car for sale and as I was looking at it said that he had the rocket for it and that it was kept safely in a small box to be included on sale. I don’t blame him – having owned several rocket-firing toys when young (including a Buck Rogers Star-Fighter and a James Bond Lotus Esprit). I know how incredibly easy it is to lose those! I told him about how my ex’s step-son had begged to be allowed to fire the rockets on my Esprit just once, and I refused and said he’d lose them. My ex browbeat me into letting him, and sure enough he immediately lost one on just one firing.



My next purchase was a lovely necklace which I got for £10. It’s not hallmarked (that I can see anywhere) and provenance is unknown although the lady selling it thought it might be 1950’s. I didn’t mind because I was just buying on looks and form. I’m not a collector or a reseller – I just buy things that appeal to me and that I would wear.
I probably could have beat her down on price, but I thought that £10 was fair.

There were a few other things that I sort of liked but not enough to buy. It was quite interesting to see the range of things on sale though – after all, being a flea, antiques and collectors market you can well imagine that it was an eclectic mix. Certainly at the “flea” end of things there was some absolute tat that wouldn’t have looked out of place at a car boot sale yet at the other end of the scale there were some genuine antiques (with prices to match). But on the whole, many things were ‘reasonably priced’.
I think I will go back for the 20th Century & Art Deco fair in a few weeks although I know from experience that often these ones have a lot of stuff that is way outside of my budget.

After about an hour I felt I had seen everything on sale, so made my exit. Since I was not far from the centre of Woking I decided to try out their shopping centre as I haven’t been before. This probably wasn’t a great move. The multi-storey car park was very full, and I had to drive right up to the 9th level (out to 10) to park, then descend to the shopping area. Once there it turned out to be a vertigo-inducing multi-level mall that was absolutely heaving with people. I stuck it out for a little while but realised I really wasn’t really in the mood. Then I had to queue for ages for both the parking station and the lift back up to the car.

When I got home, I decided to take some photos for my Flickr, but I’ll leave that for another post.


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