Getting my eye back in

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Yesterday I finally got myself motivated to put on my makeup and go out in girl mode.

I gave liquid eyeliner another go, and it came out pretty well I think. I used an old Virgin Vie liquid eyeliner on the upper lid, and on my lower lid I used a Maybelline ‘Master Drama’ black Kohl pencil, which I then smudged with a cotton bud. I wasn’t so happy with that so I got a pointy cosmetic cotton bud and dipped it in makeup remover liquid and removed a lot of the smudging again which left a narrow and well-defined line of black. Then on the water line I used a white eyeliner pencil by MAC (A62 ‘Fascinating’). I then finished off the look with MAC’s A23 “False Lashes” mascara on both the upper and lower lashes. For the lower ones I used a fine mascara brush rather than the one that comes with the mascara, because I find it more accurate.

I used MAC’s ‘Lingering’ eyebrow pencil, which is my absolute fave despite the fact that it breaks easily and is quite expensive. But it always gives me great results.

The foundation is MAC’s NW15 ‘Studio Fix’ liquid foundation, and I also used NW25 Studio Finish concealer. Then finished with MAC’s ‘Prep & Prime’ translucent loose powder to fix it.

Finally, although you can’t see it in this pic, the eyeshadow is B53 Painterly and A43 Espresso.


3 thoughts on “Getting my eye back in

  1. Joanne ,you look a million dollars if you take hours on make up or a minute .You will always be an hot babe in my eyes ,just wish i could see you in the flesh .
    John xx

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