Sizing to flatter

Vanity sizing is nothing new. And no matter how hardened we are to it, there is a secret little thrill to getting into something the next size down. That’s why they do it, of course.

The thing that *really* miffs me, though, is when the sizing is completely wrong the other way and there is no bigger size.

Mela Loves London
Mela Loves London
Now, as you’ll know from my post about the coat, I have absolutely no problems with getting the next size up. But I think that when you sell stuff online you should be realistic and honest about the size. After all, you’re only risking a high rate of returns if you don’t.

Take this lovely little dress that I bought on Amazon from ‘Mela Loves London’. Gorgeous, isn’t it? Unfortunately “little” is the operative word since, despite allegedly being a size 14, it proved to be very much not the case.

Currently a majority of my dresses are size 14 (although some of my 14s are getting a little tight as I have put a couple of lbs back on but those lbs are coming off again) and I have sold, or donated, pretty much all of my dresses that are bigger than that. So I was really upset that I could barely get into this dress. And once into it, I certainly couldn’t pull the side zip up. And it was a little tight across the chest and I hadn’t even got my bewbies on. So a no-hoper really, no matter how much weight I lose.

Despite being an absolute bargain (£10.69 at the time of purchase, but back up to £16 at the time of writing) I’ve really reluctantly had to send it back under Amazon’s excellent Returns Policy. What upsets me the most is that if they did a bigger size I would have ordered it in a flash because it’s such a lovely dress. But, sadly, the only sizes are “10” (sic) and “14” (sic) which I suspect correspond to “tiny” and “small” respectively.


4 thoughts on “Sizing to flatter

  1. Joanne, I so agree with you about the sizing of Mela Loves London clothes. Like you I’m normally a size 14 but I struggle to get into the largest MLL sizes. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen one of their dresses in a store and tried it on only to find it’s way too small.As you say it’s such a pity because their dresses are often gorgeous and such good value. I would have a whole wardrobe full of their clothes if their sizing was a bit more sensible. It is one of the frustrating aspects of buying online that sizing can be so hit and miss. If you add in the whole issue of vanity sizing, then shopping online is a minefield.

    1. Absolutely!

      I don’t think I have ever been more upset about having to send a dress back than for the pictured MLL one. I absolutely adored it and almost cried when I realised it was simply way too small and there wasn’t a bigger size.

  2. Joanne

    I’ve only ever found one MLL dress that I could get into and I’m wearing it in this photo from my Flickr account

    Fortunately, it’s a fairly loose style with an elasticated waist so it’s quite forgiving. This photo doesn’t really show it off that well but it’s gorgeous to wear — lovely silky material and although it’s quite short the skirt is still nice and floaty.

    I totally sympathize with you about finding that perfect piece of clothing but it’s not available in your size. Just as bad is when you agonize for a couple of days over something you’ve seen in a shop and then return to find they’ve sold out in your size and they’re not expecting any more stock!

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