A great day

I had such a brilliant day today.

I had a nice lie-in, and a nice lazy bath before I got ready for my trip up to London for my first meeting with the Voice Coach. It took me longer to get there than I thought it would, and I was beginning to panic that I was going to be late, but as it turned out I rang the doorbell precisely at 4pm which was when my appointment was.

It went really well and I came away feeling very positive. The Coach told me what my friends already keep telling me; I don’t have an especially unfeminine voice. She thinks that I should respond pretty quickly to the training and thinks it’s going to be pretty easy for me. What great news! Also my goals and expectations aren’t that high either; I’m not looking to pass on the phone, just be “good enough” for being out & about, when shopping or meeting friends and the like. She thinks this is very achievable, so that’s good.

After that, I called in on a good friend who lives in London and we went out for a nice meal. We ate in a Brazilian restaurant (not something I’ve done before) and both ended up having what was, basically, chicken and chips. But it was very nice chicken and very nice chips. The waiter was rather yummy too. ha ha.

Then it was off home, driving across London in the cool of the evening and then onto the M3 for the journey home.

It was very, very hot in London today. I was concerned my make-up might slide (a friend warned me it might and to take powder with me) but actually my MAC makeup lasted all day without any signs of giving up, and didn’t even need touching up. I was wearing MAC’s liquid foundation with their translucent loose powder on top, and that really did the trick.

Only two downers on the day were my shoes rubbing the backs of my feet raw until they started bleeding (ewwww) and getting up to London so late that I didn’t have any time to go shopping. On my next visit I will make sure that neither of these things happen again!

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