Voice Coaching

I’m so excited! This weekend I made an appointment with a Voice Coach in London who specialises in Transgender issues! She’s going to help me find a more feminine voice for when I’m in girl mode.

I have an acquaintance who is a trans-woman who has had extensive training from this Coach and has the most amazing voice. When I spoke to her on the phone she was utterly, utterly convincing. I’m not expecting similar miracles for myself as I don’t live full-time in girl mode. My aim is more along the lines of developing a mostly-convincing voice that I can switch between. Even if it is merely good enough to make people think “is she or isn’t she?” then I’ll be happy, rather than the current situation of opening my mouth and being instantly ‘read’.

So it’s all happening this year! Weight loss, the laser hair removal, and now this. Next up is to get my ears pierced, which is something I’m actively researching at the moment.

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