Pew! Pew! Two

Cynosure Elite
Cynosure Elite

I had my first proper session of “Pew! Pew! Layzorz!” today. I had full leg, bum, bikini, underarms and back done. Next week will be chest, tummy, arms and face. After that I’m going to switch to everything in one session.

The girl who did it was really nice and we had a good natter and swapped make-up tips, which was fun.

The laser hurt at times, occasionally a lot (like she was sticking needles in me) but it was bearable. But I’m really not looking forward to the face next week.

Only embarrassment today was when she asked me how I wanted my bikini line trimmed (ie. how much to take off, and what shape to go for) and I didn’t know because I hadn’t really given it any real thought. LOL. It’s not really something I’ve researched but I guess I’m going to have to now. So we just went for something basic for now and we can refine it when I have an idea what I want to do.

To the Internetz with SafeSearch turned off!!

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