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Welcome to the new web address!

Why have I moved my blog?

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You may have noticed that the web address of this blog has changed!

Ever since I started this blog around 6 years ago, I have used WordPress via their free hosted offering at

It’s worked well enough for me, but since then I have become quite au fait with self-hosted WordPress and the power and flexibility that it gives. I use self-hosted WordPress on several other sites that I own, and have a web hosting package that allows me to host a number of websites.

Up until now, I’ve kept the Hay Llamas blog at out of inertia, despite owning the domain name, but recently I have felt that WordPress spam you, my visitors, with way too much advertising. I don’t see a penny of that advertising either.

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Give us the money!

Hmmm. I see that WordPress have started to put adverts on my blog posts, and say they will continue to do so unless I pay them $30 per year to turn them off. Which is fair enough – they have to recoup their hosting costs and there is no such thing as “free”. And it’s nice that they clearly state they are going to do it and say why.

At least it's honest

At least it’s honest

However, I don’t want my readers to have to put up with adverts.

Since I own and since the WordPress code is Open Source, I could export this blog from WordPress and host it myself. But then I’d miss out on people stumbling upon my blog from elsewhere on WordPress and that does give me new readers. Maybe I should just bung them $30. It’s not a lot of money really.

Update: It seems that logged-in WordPress users don’t get shown adverts, so it is only people casually browsing through who may see them, and even then WordPress say it is not always.


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