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Lost and found

It was the Monthly Market at Farnham Maltings on Saturday, and as regular readers will know it’s something I like to go to regularly.


I started to put together a skirt & leggings type outfit, but it just wasn’t working, so in the end I went for jeans, boots, and a top. I chose a nice striped top by Phase 8 that I like, along with a Per Una cardigan and a jacket, and overall I think the outfit worked pretty well.

I wore one of my favourite necklaces – a 1920’s/1930’s oriental style necklace in gold or gilt silver (not sure which) with black enamel inlay and 24K gold engraving that I bought a couple of years back. I have a matching bracelet for it but since it lacks a chain I am always nervous about wearing it in case it comes undone and I lose it. But I decided to risk it.

Partway into the journey and I realised that I had lost the bracelet already. Oh no! But at least that meant that I had either lost it in the house or in the car, so there was a chance I would find it again.

I arrived at The Maltings just before midday, and started having a look around. It was quite busy!

I got talking to a seller who spotted my necklace and showed me two bracelets she had that were similar. They were gold, and very good quality, and so unblemished that they looked almost new. One was too small for me, and the other, which fitted me, was £45 which was far more than I wanted to pay. I told her that I had no doubt that it was a fair price but it was too much for me, and she asked what I would pay. I stressed that I wasn’t trying to beat her down to this price, but that I generally didn’t pay more than £25 for a bracelet. She looked rather shocked, but I went on to say that I’d spent under £30 on the necklace. She semi-seriously offered me that on the spot for it because she said it was worth far more, but I declined explaining that this was one of my favourite necklaces and I simply couldn’t part with it. After chatting a little more, I moved on.



Imagine my surprise when, in another part of the rabbit warren that is The Maltings, I found a seller with a very similar bracelet priced at £25. It fit, it had a chain, and it complimented my necklace. It also had more of a patina to it, which I liked. I don’t see this style for sale very often, so it was quite a surprise to see a total of three bracelets in this style for sale at one event.

I asked the seller if she had any movement on price, but she said she did not. So I just paid her the £25 asking price as I really wanted it and it was within budget. She even threw in a box for it, which was a nice bonus.

I also picked up a pair of tiny little silver heart stud earrings that will be ideal for work, for a very reasonable £4

Free parking

Free parking

After I had finished at The Maltings, I decided to go home via Fleet High Street, and parked up in the Council car park. I was pleasantly surprised to find that parking was free due to a “Small Business Saturday” initiative by Hart District Council. I think this is a great idea as I have long been of the opinion that one of the things contributing to the death of High Street shopping throughout the country is the cost of parking. Let’s hope that this initiative was a huge success and encourages it to become a regular thing.

My main reason for visiting the High Street was to call into Serendipity. If you’re not familiar with this shop, it’s a small unassuming shop front on the Fleet High Street that belies a large Tardis-like rabbit warren that seems to go on forever, culminating with Daisy’s Tea Room at the very back.

Drop your pants here

Drop your pants here

I didn’t find a huge amount there, but I was drawn to a cute & cheeky laundry sign. It was brand new and made in China, but at £12.50 I thought it was just about cheap enough to justify buying. I tried to get it for a tenner but unfortunately the ticket price was fixed. Oh well.

I didn’t find anything else I wanted there, so walked up the High Street popping into the various charity shops, but didn’t get anything other than a DVD. I did get a new scarlet matte lipstick by Maybelline in Superdrug though, which I think will look nice.

Drop your pants here

I ♥ my bedroom

When I got home, I hung the new sign on the mirror in my bedroom, which is above (but to one side of) my laundry basket. I think it fits in there quite well.

I then went looking for my bracelet. It wasn’t in the car, or on the driveway, and it wasn’t in my bedroom where I had put on my cardigan (I thought perhaps this is when it might have fallen off), and wasn’t any of the places in the house that I had been that morning.

I was scratching my head by this point, and then I remembered that I had transferred the contents of my old hand bag to my new Radley one. And there, inside my old handbag, was the bracelet; it must have fallen off whilst I was moving stuff across. So that was a relief.

Clearly I needed to put a chain onto the bracelet if I was to wear it again with confidence.

I’ve been collecting this style of jewellery ever since I bought the necklace, and now have the aforementioned necklace, the two bracelets, a broach, two pairs of clip-on earrings, and another necklace which is rather clunky and has some damage and which I have never worn.

The collection

The collection

As luck would have it, the broach has a small security chain on it with a spring clip at one end and a safety pin at the other. Since I don’t really wear broaches, the chain looked ideal for use on the bracelet.

I very carefully opened up the ring securing the chain to the safety pin, removed the safety pin, and then attached the ring to the bracelet. It was a very fiddly job and took me a while, especially closing the ring up again satisfactorily, but I got there in the end. I’m quite pleased with myself for achieving it, even though I say so myself.

Added security

Added security

Before I got my makeup off, I also managed a quick photo shoot in the outfit I was wearing. I chose the spare room for this, with me sitting in the window. I was quite pleased with how it turned out, although the end of the bed does rather distract from the picture. I could have digitally removed it, but I thought it was far funnier to leave it in and lampshade it with a knob gag. 😀

Insert knob gag here

Insert knob gag here

I’m wearing my new lipstick in this pic, but you can’t really see it very well.







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Jewellery update

I was at one of the bi-monthly (as in, once every 2 months) Antiques and Collectables Fairs at Sandown Park Racecourse on Sunday, and was looking forward to catching up with Amita Vetta of Love That Jewellery. Amita and I had already exchanged a few emails prior so I knew that she would be attending and likewise she was expecting me to be there too.

Swallows drop earrings

Swallows Swifts drop earrings

When I arrived I saw that she was busy, and indeed this continued for quite some time although we did see each other and managed a smile and a wave. But eventually she had a moment and we were able to talk.

She was keen to see what I had done with the conversion of the Pilgrim bracelet to a necklace, and also of the conversion of the earrings from posts to fish hooks. I was wearing the earrings, and we both agreed that they sat far better like this. The Centre of Gravity was completely wrong with posts which caused them to drag downwards, whereas with the hooks they hang naturally.

Amita was also nice enough to say that the necklace looked great when I showed it to her – I wasn’t wearing it because the chain turned out to be too long for the neckline of the dress I was wearing. I will have to shorten it some time.

Whilst we were chatting I suddenly interrupted myself and said “Ooh! I like those!” as I spotted a lovely pair of enamelled metal drop earrings in the shape of Swallows. Well, I’m presuming they’re Swallows – I’m no ornithologist. At £5 they seemed like a no-brainer purchase.

Amita also mentioned that she now has a Facebook page, so I made sure I followed that. It’s at if you would like to follow also.
Incidentally, it also gave me the idea to set up my own Facebook page to complement my Twitter account, so if you’d prefer to follow me on Facebook rather than Twitter then you now can at

I didn’t want to take up too much more of Amita’s time, as I was very aware of how busy she was, so I let her be after that.

Also at this fair I saw an unusual Japanese-style necklace with a butterfly motif which I immediately loved. Again, I think it is enamelled metal although, unlike the Swallows, it is dull and matte rather than gloss. I don’t know what the age and provenance of it is, but I tend to buy stuff that I like rather than getting too hung up on that.

Japanese necklace

Japanese necklace



Even the clasp on it was interesting. It uses a spring-loaded barbed tongue into a socket and has a square of enamel on it. I’m not entirely sure it is meant to be upside-down though.

The seller had a label price of £34 on it and I asked what the best price might be. She said the best she could do was £25 and I thought that was a fair price so didn’t try to haggle down any further than that.

The only downside of the necklace is that it is very snug on me and sits almost as a choker which I’m sure it’s not meant to. It’s probably designed for a much slimmer and more delicate Asian woman rather than my fat Western neck. I’m not sure what can be done about this. Maybe if I can find some similar chain I could perhaps extend it a little.

Another necklace that caught my eye was one with lots of flowers and butterflies (are we seeing a pattern here?), predominantly in green, with green glass pendants. I was in two minds about this one, but a price of £10 swung me towards a “yes”.

Flowers and butterflies

Flowers and butterflies



I decided I had bought quite enough by now, and fortunately didn’t see much more to tempt me, so left not long after.

The only other purchase to report on was one I made a couple of weeks ago at a small Antiques and Collectables Fair in Hartley Wintney. I bought these tiny stud earrings in a butterfly design. They are Sterling Silver (although I confess I can’t see a hallmark on them, so maybe they aren’t) but at £4 I don’t really mind. What is important is that they are my new favourite daily wear studs when I’m in guy mode and I absolutely adore them.


Apparently the “Swallows” are actually Swifts. I told you I wasn’t an ornithologist!


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Project Reorganise: Necklace rack

I buy too many necklaces and am starting to have trouble storing them. I have a table-standing necklace rack but it’s getting pretty full and also I find it looks a little messy.

I’ve seen a product for sale that is a full length mirror that is actually a shallow jewellery cabinet, but the quality is very poor and I didn’t much care for it. So I came up with my own idea.

12mm cup hooks

12mm cup hooks

First off was a purchase of 50 small (12mm) square shouldered cup hooks from eBay for the grand total of £3.50 inc P&P.

The plan was to attach these to the inner side of the two doors of one of my fitted wardrobes. The wardrobes are built in and are just made from white Conti board / furniture board, so I didn’t feel too bad about doing this.

I laid down some masking tape so that I could mark it all out without marking the wood (I wish whoever made it had done the same!), and then used a metal Combination Square to ensure a straight & level line and then marked out two rows of regular 2cm spacing on one of the doors. Then I used a spring-loaded centre punch to mark out where each hook was to go, and removed the masking tape. Then I used a small 2mm drill bit to pre-drill a hole into each mark made by the centre punch so that each hook would easily go in without damaging the wood. The hooks then screwed in easily.

The end result didn’t look too bad at all.

2cm spacing

2cm spacing

After hanging some necklaces on it, I realised that I needed much wider spacing for some of my necklaces. So, since I still had 12 hooks left, on the other door I did a much wider spacing of 8cm and then, for the last 2 hooks, a really wide one specifically for my large butterfly necklace. If I need even more space, then more hooks are a cheap purchase and I have 4 more doors in my fitted wardrobe set. And I can always add additional rows to these two doors as well. It’ll be a long time before I run out of space.

Wider spacing

Wider spacing


All in all, I think that came out pretty well. I’ll be putting my table-standing necklace rack up for sale on eBay I think – I have no further need for it.

(Note: These aren’t all my necklaces. Whilst I was doing this project I took the opportunity to have a sort out and ditch about 6 or 7 necklaces that were some of my earliest and cheapest, and I know that I will never wear again.)


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The butterfly and the dragonfly have both long been emblems that are special to me, representing as they do the concept of rebirth, metamorphosis and transformation. One of my favourite necklaces is one that I posted about back in May 2013 and which you’ll have seen many times in my pics since.

On the way home from work last night I called into White Lion Antiques on the A30 near Hartley Wintney, and this rather wonderful Art Deco style butterfly necklace caught my eye.

Butterfly necklace

Butterfly necklace

I thought it might go quite well with the Gold & Grey Mesh Flower Print dress that I mentioned in my previous post. Otherwise, I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with it as it’s quite ornate. I do really like it though.


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Fashion Roundup

Not much to report on my recent purchases, but there are a couple of things I wanted to share.

DUO - Aralia

DUO – Aralia

First up is to say how brilliant the Customer Service is at DUO Boots. I bought their Neva boots, as I mentioned in an earlier post, but felt that I wasn’t totally happy with them. I won’t go into detail, but DUO couldn’t have been more helpful. Julie, the person I corresponded with, helped me choose a pair that had a narrower ankle fit, which turned out to be the Aralia boots I had almost gone for anyway, authorised a free return (usually £3.99) and also applied a 10% discount to the price of the Aralia boots as a gesture of goodwill meaning my boots ended up costing me £148.50 – I honestly couldn’t be happier with how they handled the whole thing and I will definitely be buying from them again.

The turnaround felt like forever (it was actually only a week), but the Aralias finally arrived with me last Saturday just as I was getting ready to go out. After a quick try on I decided they were definitely keepers so I wore them when I went out. They proved to be pretty comfortable even when walking around IKEA for an hour or two, but they did give me little warning twinges that these are not boots to go shopping in for hours on end. At least not without gel pads for the balls of the feet or maybe insoles. I will investigate that.

Rocket Dog - Satire

Rocket Dog – Satire

Another company that gave me a painless refund was Amazon. I ordered these absolutely gorgeous Rocket Dog ankle boots a couple of weeks ago. Since I’m on Amazon Prime they arrived the next day, I tried them on, and it was immediately clear they were way too small (and I don’t just mean a little, I mean like 2 sizes too small despite being clearly labelled as my size). So I went to my computer, called up the order, clicked the Return button, printed the pre-paid returns label, packed the boots up in the box & bag they came in, applied the label, and popped down to my local Collect+ dropoff shop which happens to be open until 10.30pm. By the time I got home, Amazon had credited me a full refund. Fantastic. Such a shame they didn’t fit though, because they are so cute.

Tulip heart necklace

Tulip heart necklace

Finally, I was at an Antique & Vintage Fair at Sandown Park Racecourse last Sunday, and this beautiful silver necklace caught my eye. The seller wanted £15 for it and I managed to get that down to £12, which I consider to be reasonable. I haven’t worn it yet, but I look forward to doing so soon. I’m going to be going to the big Antique and Collectors fair at Alexandra Palace this Sunday so I may wear it then.


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Phoenix dactylifera

I spent an absolutely wonderful 8 hours today with a very lovely man (and I’m not just saying he’s very lovely because he’ll be reading this!)

We met up at lunchtime and went to La Tasca for lunch. Due to a slight miscalculation on my part, we ordered rather too much food so were, um, ‘somewhat replete’ when we were done (or, if you prefer, ‘absolutely podged’). Bang goes the diet for today, I think. ha ha

Then after that we popped into the cinema and watched Iron Man 3. What an absolute romp of a film! I really enjoyed it, although I felt it got a little silly in the climactic battle. Still loved it though!

Had one little scare as we got up to leave, though. As I was walking down the steep steps, I caught my heel and pitched forwards into a full-on fall. Life flashing before your eyes type stuff. My left arm shot out and I grabbed a random guy round his right upper arm and saved myself. I don’t know how I did that, because it happened faster than conscious thought. Poor guy was skinny and in his late teens / early 20’s, and I basically wrapped my hand round his skinny forearm above his elbow, and his elbow joint stopped me slipping down him. How he managed to hold me up, rather than us both going down I do not know. I was really apologetic and he genuinely saved me from a very nasty fall (albeit involuntarily). I really hope I didn’t hurt him and that he’s ok.

After that my date and I went to a pub and had a drink and a nice long chat & natter for ages before it was time to head off in our different directions.

Butterfly necklace

Dragonfly necklace

I’m afraid I didn’t get any pics. Well, none that I am happy with anyway, so they’ll have to come another time. But I did wear a really lovely necklace that I got for an absolute barrrrgain on eBay recently. I was the only bidder and managed to get it for 99p + £1.99 postage. Don’t tell the seller but I had a maximum bid of £20 on it because I wanted it so much! So yay me I think. 🙂

So, anyway, that was my day today. Hope yours was every bit as good!


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