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Weekend Away (Part 4) – the journey of eight legs

This is the final part of my series of posts on my trip away for the Bank Holiday weekend, which included front row VIP tickets to Caro Emerald‘s 2017 UK “Emerald Island” tour and also a gig by my best friend Claire’s band Iconic at Lady of the Lake in Lowestoft

In Part 1 I told you about my journey there, in Part 2 I covered the Caro Emerald gig, and in Part 3 I covered the rest of the weekend including the Iconic gig.

Now, in this final part, it’s the journey home.

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But I have wings

I recently saw this quote on Facebook and it struck a chord with me.



I think one reason it struck a chord is because it rather sums up the ‘support’ I get from my family. If I fold my wings up and act all caterpillary when I see them, then all is well.

Another reason is that sometimes I wonder why I have embarked on this journey, what I seek to gain from it, where I want to go. But then I realise that this doesn’t really have any bearing on the fact that I am who I am; I’m not a caterpillar any more, whether I like that or not. I’m a butterfly.

And I have wings.



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