Waterman C/F

In a previous post I mentioned that I had acquired a 1994 Waterman C/F in 9K gold, but the ink sac in the converter had perished and needed replacing.

So in this post I will detail stripping the pen down and replacing the converter.

I had been concerned that the converter was corrosion-welded to the connector, but got them separated with some firm yet gentle pressure – basically I gripped the section in one hand and the converter in the other, and gently yet firmly twisted to see which would give first. It turned out that the connector unscrewed from the section.

Then I ran the connector and converter under the hot tap and they easily separated with just a light twist.

A friend very kindly sent me a spare converter that he had, but unfortunately Waterman changed the design at some point and it was the newer design, and it didn’t fit. 🙁

However, I managed to source a “new old stock” one from Amazon for £12 including postage, which arrived in characteristic comedy packaging.

The new converter was longer than the original though.

In fact, it was everso slightly too long to fit, so I gently ground it down with my bench grinder.

After grinding it as much as I dared, it now fits – just!

Inking the pen up, having first given it a flush through with water and gently cleaned it, it wrote beautifully.

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