Baoer 801

After a wait of almost a month, some new pens have just arrived from China. I’ve mainly bought Jinhao and Hero up until now, so the Baoer is a new one on me.

This is the Baoer 801 in “Black Shimmering Aurora Borealis” finish. It’s quite a nice pen and a little bit different.

Looks-wise, it is very similar to the Parker 88 / Rialto.

The finish is very nice, with a mottled design that looks much more expensive than it is. The barrel is plastic, but the threaded insert is metal. The section is also metal, and has a pleasing ground finish to it. The cap is also plastic, with a sturdy Parker-esque metal clip.

The length of the pen is very similar to the Platignum 75 (middle in the picture), and slightly shorter than the Jinhao 126 (top of picture)

The nib has an pleasing two tone to it, in gold and steel, and has a modern clean design to it.

The converter is a screw type and is good quality, and has a plastic and metal construction.

It inked up easily, and writes smoothly with a good flow.

I’m really pleased with it.

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