Transgender in the driving seat

You’re probably aware that Russia recently passed a law that effectively bans all transgender and transsexual people from driving, on the grounds that it is a ‘mental disorder’. Also affected, amongst many others, are amputees – even those with “prophetic limbs” (sic), according to the Daily Telegraph (one would assume that a limb that can predict the future would make you a safer driver? 🙂 )

However, not all is doom and gloom as this article, also from the Daily Telegraph and written by Paris Lees, points out.

Things are changing for the better for genderqueer people – albeit not in Russia – with society generally becoming more tolerant towards people (and less tolerant of prejudice against them). It happened with racism, it happened with homophobia, and it’s happening with transphobia too. Slowly, anyway.

Who knows, maybe in a few generations we will finally reach enlightenment? Although whilst religious intolerance and the hate, war and terrorism associated with it continue, I very much doubt it.

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