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Bargains Galore!


I do love a good bargain! There’s a quiet satisfaction in getting something you like, and knowing you paid under the odds for it.


Take these. None was over £10 (excluding postage). From left to right we have a dress from Primark for £10 (new), a cute fleece hoody I bought new for £7.99 on eBay having seen it on the Fashion UK Facebook page (if you go ‘like’ that page then be prepared for your Newsfeed to be deluged with around 15 updates a day. I unsubscribed), a Per Una dress from eBay for £8.50 (used), and a Dorothy Perkins check dress for £7.70 (also used).
Not shown is a Coast silk cocktail dress for £8.72 from eBay (also used) because I don’t really like it. Oh well, that’s the risk you take.

Of course the hoody was probably a bad choice considering the weather has suddenly got nicer here in the UK, but never mind. I’m sure we’ll still have the odd cold day when I can wear it.

I’m not sure when I’ll be posting pics of me wearing these as I’m a bit busy this weekend, but you never know. Watch this space!



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Midnight at the Oasis

I bought this black leather dress by Oasis in a sale last Saturday, reduced from £60 to £15. If that’s not a bargain then I don’t know what is!

Unfortunately the colour and contrast are a little wonky on this pic. I did my best to correct it, but with limited success.


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LBD by Jo.Boyd
LBD, a photo by Jo.Boyd on Flickr.

A Little Black Dress I bought on eBay. It’s rather cute, I think.


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