J.K. Rowling still denies she is a transphobe despite backing anti-trans protests

The Scottish Parliament is currently trying to enact a bill that will make it less onerous for Trans people to transition. The aim is to remove the requirement to prove there is something medically “wrong” [sic] with you that can be “cured” [sic] by transition. It’s something that the UK parliament tried and failed on, and now the Scots are trying to go alone on. And I commend them for it.

Naturally there has been a lot of push-back and protest on this by TERFs, with J.K. “I’m not transphobic” Rowling in the vanguard. Because of course she is.

It just feels so horrid. So nasty.

Sure, everyone is worried that bad people could gain access to safe spaces. That’s why we need safe spaces to be safe from bad people. And that applies to all women in danger.

However, to exclude trans women from these spaces is literally saying ALL trans women are horrible people; that all trans women are a threat to “real” [sic] women. Its a pernicious and appalling stance to make. It ignores the fact that trans women are every bit as in danger as other women.

The worst thing is that Rowling’s Harry Potter books are about inclusivity and overcoming prejudice. Yet in the real world she perpetrates the hate and prejudice.

Instead of excluding certain women, why not find ways in which all women can be supported?

It’s like racists demanding white-only safe spaces.

BBC article that provoked this mini-rant:

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